Mmm...Sure Smells Good

Mmm...Sure Smells Good

Using natural ingredients is not only more safe for you, your family, and our environment, but it also has an abundance of positive effects on your body and mind. Here’s an unprocessed reason to keep up your natural lifestyle: not only will your locs appreciate the natural good stuff, but your mood and overall sense of well being will be more than merry to favor that natural flavor.


You know that feeling of smelling roasted coffee beans and you suddenly grow exceedingly happier just from that sensory trigger? That’s the kind of natural cause and effect we’re talking about here.


Ever had that sensation of walking by a eucalyptus plant and suddenly get thrown back into one of your youngest memories of being in your grandmother’s apartment? Well, that could be because smell has one of the most powerful memory triggers compared to the rest of our senses. This is all apart of our olfactory system, yes that’s a system we have completely dedicated to our sense of smell.


Our olfactory system is in direct contact with our limbic system, which is responsible for how we register memory and emotions. So, when you get a whiff of somebody’s locs and it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling, well, it could be the hints of eucalyptus oil in their pre-cleanser, or simply their natural body scent.


Unfortunately, we have been raised to believe that it’s attractive to lather your skin and hair with deodorants, body lotions, perfumes and conditioners that are loaded with all sorts of toxins and damaging agents. Covering up your natural smell with an artificial smell may be attractive, but might be responsible for attracting all the wrong people and partners. These chemical smells may not only attract the attention of the wrong kinda’ nose, but it may also be harmful to your own natural balance and energy.

Natural oils have energetic healing properties curing more than what’s on the surface. Imagine say, an oil like our Yaya Oil, which has sweet almond oil listed as one of its primary ingredients. The beauty here goes well beyond the oil’s benefits for your skin and hair. The scent of Almond oil is known for having calming effects on children. So, if you’re a mom, an uncle, a godmother, or big brother using almond oil in your locs or loose hair, imagine the soothing memory trigger you may pass to the child who only wants to sleep on your shoulder. That’s a pretty awesome association if you ask me.   

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