How to Group Your Oils

How to Group Your Oils


Some secrets should be kept a secret while many should be spread far and wide. One ancient secret that has been slowly but steadily, catching heat are the healing properties and benefits of essential oils. Besides for the larger long term ailments essential oils are equipped to cure, there are also the small, but sometimes just as impairing, ailments essential oils have been known to improve and heal.


The big time heartaches we’re referring to are ailments like depression, insomnia, and arthritis while the ‘smaller’ conditions often fall under the beauty category like, dandruff, dry skin, dry locs, and a foul odor, because why not? Bad smells can be anywhere from your breath to your bathroom, and all it takes is an essential oil remedy to clean and clear these mishaps right up and away.


To the Oils!

What’s really important, when it comes to understanding essential oils, is understanding how these oils are classified and grouped. Essential oils have basically been separated into three groups called notes. They are: top, middle, and base notes. They are categorized based upon their scent and which part of the plant they are extracted from. The best combination of oils incorporates an oil from each group in order to stimulate healing on your whole self; mind, body and soul. Let’s not overlook our personal complexities, these very many pieces of our fragmented selves is what makes each of us unique, but that’s a whole ‘nother jam that we won’t get into here. Notes! Right, let’s break it down.


Top Notes

What better place to start than the very top? Top notes in essential oils are oils which are extracted from the flowers and leaves of a plant. The aroma of top note oils evaporate quickly since they are generally light and therefore, ‘easy going’.


Examples of these Essential oils are: Cinnamon Oil, Peppermint and Spearmint Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Sage, Tea Tree Oil, Basil Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil.


Top note oils are most notably used for treating mild depression, insomnia, and nausea. They can stimulate the brain, treat menstrual symptoms, hair loss, and increase libido (that’s cinnamon oil for the curious ones). Top note oils are generally known to stimulate the limbic system, which gets the blood flowing, heals, and detoxifies the body.


Middle Notes

Middle note essential oils are taken from the herbs of a plant. Many of the oils we know and use are middle note oils since they have a more powerful effect on the body, and are known to have a balancing effect.


Examples of Middle Note oils are: Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, Geranium Oil, Rosemary Oil, Juniper Oil, and Cardamom Oil.   


Middle note oils are good for healing the overall body. Some of them are known to reverse the negative side effects of Chemotherapy, help relieve symptoms of the common cold, congestion, coughs, and of course, treat dry scalp and locs (most notably, Rosemary and Lavender oil).


Base Notes

Lastly are base note essential oils. These oils are generally very earthy. Rather than coming from plants, they are mostly extracted from trees. As you can imagine, these oils have a much richer and longer lasting scent then the two previous categories mentioned above. They call the middle notes the warm ones, but imagining an oil that comes a tree seems much more homey and solacing.


Examples of Base note Essential oils are, Sandalwood Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Clove Oil, Vanilla Oil, Valerian and Rose Oil.


Base Notes are most notably known for their healing properties over mind and mood. These oils can get pricier, but are powerful in treating nervous disorders. These scents are known to last longer.  


There are the carrier oils which are used as a pool to disperse and diffuse the Essential oils mentioned above. Essential oils come in these teeny tiny bottles because they are heavily concentrated and need to be mixed with carrier oils like, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, and Coconut Oil (even filtered water can work) in order to apply to the skin, scalp, and body. Recipes and concoctions for hot oil treatments coming up soon. Look out for Dr. Locs Yaya Oil already dreamed up and bottled to keep your scalp and locs feeling fresh and excited.


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