Inside Brushing Your Locs

Inside Brushing Your Locs

Have you been brushing your locs?

If you thought locs was a maintenance-free hair style, think again! While you may not have guessed it, locs can and should be brushed, and they will love you for it. Wondering what the benefits are for brushing your locs? No sweat, we’re here to break it down for you. 

Benefits of Brushing Locs

Locs benefit from loc brushing the same way loose hair benefits from hair brushing, more or less. Brushing the locs with a double-sided clamp brush made for locs or a regular soft bristle brush helps prevent and reduces buildup, nourishes the hair and controls frizz, prevents breakage, will help the hair grow, detangles the hair at the root and feels awesome! 

How to Brush Locs for Optimal Results

Brush the locs with a soft bristle brush carefully from the root, or a few inches below the root, to the tip of the loc only once you’ve reached the teenage phase of locs, or beyond. Brush small sections at a time and enjoy the soothing flow. It’s best to brush the locs before shampooing to remove any lint that has made its way onto the surface of the locs when they were uncovered. Unfortunately, lint is pretty much everywhere, but that doesn't mean we can’t get it out of our locs regularly! 

Best Loc Length for Brushing Locs 

The best length to brush locs is at the Teenage Stage and beyond. Brushing locs before the locs have matured to the teenage phase can cause the locs to unravel, and what a shame that would be! If you’re not familiar with the five different stages of locs, check out the Five Different Stages of Locs blog post on the Byrdie website featuring our creator, Chimere Faulk and explanations of each stage. 

Final Thoughts on Brushing Locs

Brushing locs is a great method for preventing buildup and encouraging softer and smoother locs. If you want the most out of the self care experience, brush locs after using the Yaya oil so the essential oils spread evenly throughout the locs. This secret technique keeps the locs hydrated, smelling delicious and feeling great. 

Are you brushing your locs? Have you noticed any changes in your locs since you began brushing them? Tell us your story, we want to know everything! 

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