Best Nighttime Routine for Locs

Best Nighttime Routine for Locs

Waking up in the morning with the mission to rework all the damage that was done overnight, is no pretty way to spend your morning hours. 

All it takes is a few minor adjustments to your bedtime routine to make sure when you wake up, you wake up looking and feeling great. Naturally, we’re just going to cover your loc-care routine, but we do believe it’s just as important to have a great skin care routine in-check too! Now let’s have a look at some of those tips and tricks!

Nighttime Showers Anyone?

Switching up your shower routine may be a difficult one. Some of us wake up and need to get the night’s sleep and stink off. But then there are those who need to shower at night, to well, get the day’s dirt and debris down that drain. We do recommend showering at night and giving your locs the opportunity to absorb all that delicious steam and moisture. This way, when you get to bed, by the next morning your locs won't feel dry and brittle. 

Jinan Leave-In Conditioner

In the case where showering at night is really not your thing, then we recommend treating your locs to a gentle leave-in conditioner treatment. You can keep the spray limited to your hair shafts and away from your roots if you’re worried about your locs unraveling. This way, if your pillow tries to pull out your hair’s natural oils, it will have to work much harder!


Though we did mention your pillow sucking all that nutritious moisture from your locs, we do strongly recommend that you sleep with your locs covered. You can opt for a satin (or silk, oo lala) pillow case, but many prefer to cover up those locs and keep that moisture trapped (in a good way!) Covering up your locs at night, even hours before bed, will keep your locs away from the dust in the air, which they love to attract, and make it possible for you to wake up without any undesirable surprises (when it comes to your locs of course!)

Nighttime Goal: Retain Moisture in Your Locs 

The key aspects to focus on during your nightly routine is moisture. Moisture during those restful hours are key to prevent waking up with flyaways, breakage and dry locs. And finally, try not to rush through your self-care nightly routine, these hours are all yours. If you don’t take loving care of yourself first, then how are you going to be able to take care of others with a full heart? We’re all for treating ourselves like royalty, because if we don’t treat ourselves that way, then how can we expect others to treat us that way too, right? Self care has the potential to go well beyond the beauty spectrum and into areas of self-worth and self-love. Yum, yum, we sure love a healthy amount of self-love! 


Check out this fun video with one of our amazing brand ambassadors Chisamaku. She showcases her night time routine featuring Dr Locs. 

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