How Your Scalp Can Benefit From Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse

How Your Scalp Can Benefit From Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse

For many of us, a dry scalp is an ongoing issue. There are several factors that can go into what’s triggering a dry scalp from changes in weather to internal issues. While Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse was not created as a natural remedy for dry scalp, it does work at cleansing and pulling up whatever is going on in the scalp. Many have discovered its magic and use it as their go-to to restore and clear up that scalp. In this article we’ll have a look at how you can use it on your scalp. 

How to Use the Pre-Cleanse For Your Scalp

You can spray the Pre-Cleanse on a cloth and/or directly on your scalp and wipe the area where you're having issues. It will pull up that flake-age. People with psoriasis and other skin issues can get that cleanse they’re looking for. 

Spray the Pre-Cleanse all throughout your scalp, roots and locs. A lot of times the flakes will get into the locs, so we recommend doing it right before you shampoo and rinsing your hair with warm water. The flake-age will make its way down and can create a buildup in the roots, so rinse out the Pre-Cleanse after it sits for a minute or so, and you’ll see the flake-age come up. 

The Pre-Cleanse really works at pulling up those sticky flakes that sit on the scalp. Shampoo sometimes masks that film that sits on the scalp. The Pre-Cleanse will break through that. You’ll need to use a cloth and pull up that film and flake off the scalp. The Yasin Shampoo will then have the opportunity to show off its superpower by giving your scalp and roots a super clean look and feel. The two work hand in hand. 

The Pre-Cleanse does the hard work digging into the build up or film you may have on your scalp that's sticky and creamy. Shampoos in the loc community mask that and sit on top of that. The Pre-Cleanse breaks through all that and the Shampoo works like magic afterwards and is able to do its thing. 

Apple cider vinegar rinse vs pre cleanse

We like the Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse in comparison to an ACV rinse because it's formulated not to strip your hair. It has witch hazel, jojoba oil, and other nourishing oils. It is more of a well rounded cleanse instead of something that will strip your scalp and hair. 

You want to make sure you don't mess with the pH balance of your scalp because your hair will suffer. ACV is so strong and drying to the hair and roots. The Pre-Cleanse will not dry your hair, which is why we always recommend the Pre-Cleanse for your scalp issues over an ACV rinse.

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