How to Take Care of Your Locs in Summer’s Hot Hot Heat

How to Take Care of Your Locs in Summer’s Hot Hot Heat

Summer’s coming in hot this season, and while most of us are looking after our skin, many of us are looking after our locs, or should be. Now we know you’re not thinking about smearing a palm full of sunscreen into your hair to keep the sun from drying out your scalp and locs, so what should you be doing to keep your locs looking and feeling healthy throughout this year’s heated summer?

Here’s how.

Temperature and Climate

Each of our hair textures will react differently to the climate. Naturally, if you’re living in a very humid region, your hair will be on moisture overload, which is much more noticable for those of us with extra porous hair. In this case where your locs are heavy with moisture and you know you shouldn’t over-wash your locs, a pre-cleanser is begging to be utilized. We happen to know a very good one, but in any case, it should be all natural ingredients to pull out the moisture without adding any funk. Ingredients like, tea tree oil, vinegar, sea salt, all work well in pulling out excessive moisture without that overkill after effects.

Cover Up

The easiest solution would be to cover up your scalp and locs. Easiest, isn’t always the best, but it will definitely do the job. It’s good to give your scalp small doses of sun exposure. Vacuum packing your locs for an entire summer doesn’t sound so comfortable, or even healthy for your scalp and locs. Especially if you have a dandruff issue up top, the sun helps rejuvenate new cell growth, but overdoing it will obviously have negative consequences. Try going out for your morning run routine uncovered, and keep your locs covered the rest of the day, or take your morning coffee to the balcony and give yourself some quick fix sun time.

You can either go for a fabric cover up, with style of course or, you can opt for a up-do style that protects your scalp, flatters your features, and brings on the breeze around your neck and crown. If you go for a fabric groove just try to stay away from cotton fabrics, which will dry out your precious locs. And, if you opt for an up-do trend, make sure you don’t over do it and stress out your roots.

Save Electricity

When it’s hot out there try to rely on an air dry instead of a blow dryer. Too much heat, as you can imagine, can cause breakage and damage to your roots and locs (is this beginning to sound like a romance poem?) If you have extremely thick locs, air drying may not work for you, but ask your life-saving loctician what they recommend for your hair texture and style. 

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