How to Stop Itchy Scalp with Locs

How to Stop Itchy Scalp with Locs

Time for a Retwist?

When you neglect retwisting new growth into the loc, this will cause the new hair to cover the scalp. This can possibly keep the scalp from receiving delicious vitamin D sunlight and will suffocate the scalp. The scalp needs fresh air like the rest of us. Too much loose hair will cut the air flow to your scalp and cause dry and itchy scalp and hair. This is no reason to start over-twisting! Just make sure you’ve got a solid mindful routine in place to keep your locs looking and feeling healthy.


Under or Over Washing

You should visit your local loctician and see if you are washing too often for your hair type, or not enough. There is a perfect balance your scalp and locs need and when it doesn’t get it, they let you know. A dry and itchy scalp can be due to too much sebum secretion and not enough washing, but to make things more confusing, overwashing can pull out all those natural oils you need to keep your scalp happily moisturized. So, it’s key to find the right balance for your scalp and roots.


Understimulated Scalp

It may be time to start paying more attention to your scalp and roots. A dry and itchy scalp can be due to a lack of stimulation and attention to your scalp. When you stimulate and massage your scalp you are unknowingly removing old skin cells that keep the scalp from regenerating, but more importantly, a nice head massage keeps the blood healthily flowing all around your body, but especially to your scalp. Healthy blood flow to your scalp means a healthy well nourished scalp.


Try an Oil Combo

Fortunately, Dr.Locs has curated an oil just for this purpose, for dry itchy scalp. Dr. Locs Yaya oil blends together the best natural oils for your scalp to keep the itchy down and the relief up. It may also be time to treat yourself to a hot oil treatment to get your scalp and roots ready for the upcoming seasonal changes.


Drink More Water

The most obvious solutions are very often overlooked. Drinking water is not only a cheaper solution than going out and buying a whole new all natural product line for your locs, it will also benefit your scalp, skin, digestion, and overall mood. Try keeping a glass of filtered water by your working desk, in your car, and by your bed. A dry itchy scalp can simply be your body’s way of letting you know it’s very very thirsty.

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