How to Determine if You Have Mold In Your Locs

How to Determine if You Have Mold In Your Locs

It's hard to detect whether one has mold in their locs or not.

If you’ve been using Dr Locs product line then you should not have to worry about any buildup forming in your locs. But mold does not arise from the products used on locs, it mostly caused by the ways one dries, or in this case, doesn’t dry, their locs. When it comes to mold in locs, prevention is key. Healthy habits and routine are essential here. 

The Smell is a Dead Giveaway

If there is a foul odor coming out of your locs, then chances are there’s mold in there. If you’re still not sure, the smell is comparable to how a wet towel that isn’t laid out to dry properly smells after a few days. If you’re still not sure, how about soaking a small hand towel and tying it into a tight ball for two days and then open up the towel and observe how that smells? If the smell is all too similar to your locs, then you know the answer, you probably have mold in your locs. 

How to get rid of Mold?

While you may be running out to buy some apple cider vinegar to detox your locs, we recommend you grab a hold of your Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse to penetrate the inner matrix of the locs. The apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil in the locs will clean the locs, while keeping the hair well balanced and moisturized with other ingredients like jojoba oil. Detoxing the locs with the Pre-Cleanse and buildup free Yasin Shampoo together during a washing session. Some clients try to cut into locs to see if there is in fact mold in there. 

While you can perform this procedure, we don’t really recommend it, because well, you may cut into too many locs too often and ruin your locs. Especially if you’re constantly suspicious of mold. But, if you are drying your locs with a hood or hand held dryer everytime you wash your locs, or after a swim then you should not have mold. It’s really important to dry your locs thoroughly and consistently. Of course if you skip out every once in a while, there shouldn’t be mold, but integrate drying your locs into your washing and rinsing routine. It’s not a step we can afford to skip out on. 


What’s most important when it comes to mold in locs is to prevent it happening in the first place! The only reason one would have mold in locs is because they are not drying the locs properly and consistently. We get it, maybe it’s hard to dry your locs all the time, and yes it can get pretty time consuming. But if your locs are not thoroughly dried, then you risk mold and foul smelling locs. Take the extra time to dry those beautiful locs so you don’t need to spend that time cleaning out any mold! If you are suspicious about mold, see a loctician and get a professional assessment. If your locs consistently smell, you may want to see a dermatologist, to make sure your scalp is healthy. Professional advice is the best advice, professional and personal to your locs and hair. 

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