Hot Oil Treatments for Locs

Hot Oil Treatments for Locs

 Hot Oil Treatments for Locs

Hot oil treatment for locs is a treatment that one should never withhold from oneself. The pleasures and benefits from a hot oil treatment will do wonders for your scalp, roots, locs, and mood. While this may sound like an exaggeration, after one hot oil treatment you’ll know exactly what we mean.

A hot oil treatment, as you may have guessed, is the process of adding heated natural oils to your scalp and roots. While this process is not limited to natural oils, we can’t come up with a good reason why one would deviate and add in any other ingredient, since there are too many awesome natural oils to mix and experiment with. The purpose of a hot oil treatment is to secure the moisture in your scalp and locs, and to keep your hair nourished and moisturized.

Hair Type and Frequency

Hot oil treatments are good for all year around. Depending on your hair type will determine how often you should consider doing a hot oil treatment. 1-2 months is an average time frame. You certainly don’t want to over do it, as it can lead to oil buildup in your locs and even potential unraveling, especially for those new to locs.

Dry Hair Vs. Wet Hair

You can treat yourself to a hot oil treatment with dry or wet hair, but wet hair is your better bet. It’s especially effective to wash your hair before a hot oil treatment. If you apply your hot oil treatment after you wash your hair then the oil can penetrate much finer and closer to your roots and scalp, as opposed to applying your hot oil treatment over dirty hair.

Irresistible Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment for Locs

Hot oil treatments is beneficial for all hair types. Using the right combination of oils can help improve dry scalp, dandruff, breakage and frizz. It will help stimulate blood flow to your scalp, which will wake up your scalp to produce more healthy growing hair. A frequent treatment will lead to shinier, smoother hair at the root and along the hair shaft.

If you’re interested in curating your own hot oil treatment, here are a list of benefits for each oil and the steps to properly treat yourself and your hair for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Yaya oil is a carefully curated combination of oils that are meant to strengthen and moisturize loose and loc’d hair. You can check out our natural ingredients here.

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