Freeform Locs Maintenance

Freeform Locs Maintenance

 Freeform Locs Maintenance

Freeform locs and semi freeform locs are one of the many styles of locs one can choose from when joining the loc community. While the name may seem like it tells it all, there are some essential maintenance tips for keeping your locs looking and growing healthy.

Wash Regularly

While you may believe that freeform locs require a lot less maintenance, this isn’t exactly true. It’s important with freeform locs to wash your roots and scalp regularly to avoid build-up and thinning roots. Freeform locs need strong roots to hold the weight of the locs without causing breakage.

Post Wash Care

After you wash your locs you have to do a little self care to keep your locs locking, to minimize frizz and too much loose hair. You can either roll your palms over your locs to keep the hair nestled into the loc or find the loose hair and evenly wrap it around the loc.

Taking Care of Your Roots

Speaking of maintaining loose hair, it’s also important to take care of your roots and maintain the separation between locs. This step is especially important for semi freeform locs, because otherwise your locs may start to fuse together, and that’s a tangled journey you may not want to embark on.

Keep your hair nourished

Keeping your hair hydrated is always an important rule for all hair types. Hydrated locs prevents breakage and frizz. Try to cover up when sleeping, avoid cotton towels and pillow cases which will unnecessarily dry out your hair and find the right natural products that are made with your locs’ best interest in mind!

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