Deionized Water And It's Effects On Locs

Deionized Water And It's Effects On Locs

Deionized water is water where the ions have been removed through electrically charged resins. Once the water is deionized there is no sodium, chloride, calcium, iron, copper, bromide ions, along with any other pollutant found in your standard tap water. As you may have guessed, deionized water is also known as pure water, which is safe and beneficial for the hair, skin and body.


Deionized water is used in medicines, batteries, and many other products because of its purity level. There are several other types of pure water like, distilled water and purified water, the differences are quite subtle, and are mostly due to how the water has been treated.


As you may, or may not have noticed, Dr. Locs has utilized the benefits of deionized water in our Imani Locking Spray. It’s actually listed as the first ingredient in this precious locking bottle. For those of us who can’t afford to install a water filter system in our homes, we are unfortunately susceptible to hard and harsh waters that will eventually dry out our skin and hair. The minerals found in standard tap water is especially attracted to damaged hair and will create an unwanted barrier between your hair and the products you use. This means, you can try to add as many moisturizing ingredients to your locs as you like, but if the product line isn't considering the water you are washing your hair with, then you may not end up with your desired results.


The deionized water found in the Imani locking spray will open up your locks to freely absorb all the nutrients your hair needs to grow in healthy, smooth and strong. Dr. Locs Imani locking spray is made to lock in new growth, while keeping the rest of your hair smooth and happy. If your hair is unbearably dry, and so is your scalp, this may be due to the harshness of your water. You can consider installing a new water system in your household, or you can look for products that have standard hard water systems in mind, and will work in combating the effects of hard and unfriendly waters.


Spoiler alert: Guess who’s having a sale this August...we think it’s time you try a locking product made with the love of your locks in mind.

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