5 Tips On How to Keep Your Locs Moisturized

5 Tips On How to Keep Your Locs Moisturized

Summer heat can be a difficult time for keeping healthy and clean looking locs. Especially if you live an extremely active lifestyle.  Summers can be the season you need to wash more often, which can lead to dry brittle locs. When locs are dry they are prone to breakage, can look dull, and will feel brittle. Here are some top to bottom tips in keeping your locs looking and feeling healthy, no matter what the season may be.


Don’t Over Do It.

Since it’s summer, we know you may be feeling a bit nasty in all your heavy heated places, especially if you are busy running around working, exercising, and checking off your ‘to-do’ list. If you have very long and thick locs, this means extra weight, and extra heat in the Summer. While you may want to feel, smell and look clean, washing your locs too often will dry them out faster than a blow dryer.


Simplicity is Key

Speaking of over doing it, another no-no is covering up your brittle locs with unnatural products. As with many things in life, simplicity is key. Lumping in extra products that promise to moisturize your hair, but aren’t especially made for locs, will do way more damage than the burning sun, so stay far away from damaging products.


Avoid Superficial Heat

If you’re still attracted to styling your locs with flat irons and other styling tools to add versatility to your look, you may want to find another method. These heat based tools are extremely damaging to your locs, will cause your ends to split, and will suck out all of the natural moisture in your locs. As we mentioned earlier, throwing on more moisturizing products on top of heat damaged hair will only add to your problem and not heal your hair.


Try A Leave In Conditioner Made For Locs

If you’re noticing your locs are drying out after your hair care routine, try a natural leave in conditioner especially curated for locs. You want to be extra picky when it comes to your leave in conditioner, since you need to be absolutely certain this product won’t create build-up in your locs. Products that aren’t 100% natural are a risk you may not want to take. Check out Dr. Locs Jinan Leave-In-Conditioner. Just by reading the label you can be set assured this product will treat your locs and scalp with the utmost respect and works at naturally replenishing your locs through nature’s best with ingredients like, Rosewater, Avocado Oil, and coconut oil.  


Healthy Diet

Sometimes (but really almost all the time) what we eat affects our skin and hair. If you’re experiencing acne, dry skin, dry scalp, or dry hair try changing up your diet for 3 weeks and see if you notice any positive changes in your hair and skin (and mind). Adding for instance, healthy protein, to your diet is essential in keeping your locs and look healthy and clean. Examples of healthy proteins are, organic tofu, organic soybean, lentils, chickpeas, hummus, nuts, black beans, fish, and organic meat and eggs.


Drink A Lot of Water

Water is key, especially in Summer. Find more ways to drink more water. Keep a full glass bottle of water in you car, have a bottle, or cup of water next to your computer while you work, take water breaks, make a tea while you watch a movie at home, and bring a bottle with you when you go out of the house. Trick yourself into a water addiction, it’s the healthiest kind of addiction out there. Most of the food we eat dehydrates us, unless we’re only eating fruits, and we need to keep refueling our body. When we’re dehydrated the first noticeable places will be the tongue and lips, then the skin and hair. Adding water to your diet will also improve digestion, weight loss and only have positive side effects (besides for going to the bathroom all the time.)

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