BACK TO SCHOOL: Why Locs Are a Great Hairstyle for Back to School Kids

BACK TO SCHOOL: Why Locs Are a Great Hairstyle for Back to School Kids

There are so many reasons why locs are a great hairstyle for your young ones during those precious school days. Bet you knew we’d say that. Let’s get into the whys and hows, so you can decide if this hairstyle is right for your little ones. 

Locs Are Easy to Manage on the Day-to-Day

Locs are an easy style to have for kids because kids can be rough on their hair, especially the young ones. Having their hair twisted into locs makes it easier to manage no matter how active your child might be. When it comes to loose styles, children might come back from school looking totally different from how they went off to school. However, when they go to school with their hair loc’ed up, they'll come back from school looking the same way because their hair loc’ed up is very durable. 

Locs Can be a Two-In-One Style

Loc styles can be a two-in-one style. For instance, you can style your kids locs into a platted or braid style. The next week they can take them down and have wavy locs. That gives both parents and their children the opportunity to have multiple styles without putting in too much time and effort. It also means your children don't have to sit as long to style their hair during the week. 

Loc Styles Last for a Long Time

Loc styles will last for a few weeks to a month. The Jinan moisture mix is a great product to use on your child’s locs daily. It won't cause any harm to their style and offers that moisture without needing a retwist. If there's frizz, the Imani locking spray can help work at retwisting the hair. 

So, if mom or dad is tending to the kids in the morning, or Sunday night and they don't have time to do the whole head, they can use the Imani locking spray and Jinan Moisture mix. Just retwist the front row, put in some clips, let it dry and they're all good and fresh for the week. It gives them the illusion the whole head is done. You can use the Yaya Oil every other day, or 2-3 days, it's not necessary to use an oil blend every day, but it’s great to use to keep their hair looking and feeling healthy and moisturized.


Locs are very durable, especially when it comes to young kids. There's no age limit for young kids to have locs, they can be worn at any age. Grown ups are getting more and more into being more natural and so their children are asking about having locs and natural hair. This is awesome because of all the benefits locs has to offer both adults and young children.

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