A Healthy Loc Diet Plan-Dinner

A Healthy Loc Diet Plan-Dinner

Sometimes the fire for healthy eating and living fades, especially when we don’t feel inspired. A motivating factor to help keep you climbing that healthy hill is how much your diet affects your skin and hair. Sometimes, all it takes to get those locs looking, growing, and feeling healthy is to add a certain vitamin or mineral to your daily diet.


Some of us may develop allergies later in life, so if you were acne free through your hormonally roaring teenage years and suddenly find yourself coming on 30 with more pimples than you’ve ever never had, don’t lose hope, it may be what you’re eating! Not only may you find your skin changing, but the texture of your hair may be leaning towards dry, frizzy, or uncommonly dull. For sure, going to a doctor and checking out where your hormones, vitamin levels and nutrients are at is a good move, but also keeping your diet clean, your attitude positive, and your products junk-free, will definitely get your whole self moving in the right direction.


With that said, here are some dinner tips to keep the incentive going, your nutritious locs rolling, and your body, heart and soul sweetly satisfied.


1.Sauteed Spinach with rice and tofu/chicken/clean beef anyone? The best way to absorb the full nutritional value from any fruit or vegetable is by eating it raw, but that doesn't mean you can't steem it, roast it, or saute it every once in awhile. Spinach is rich in iron, omega 3-fatty acids, calcium, potassium and magnesium, but it also contains Sebum, which your roots and locs need as a natural conditioner. An iron deficiency can lead to unnecessary hair loss, breakage, and frizz. So yes, you should always add a fresh spinach salad to your meal, because why not? The more green the merrier. Adding organic tofu, chicken, or grass fed beef will ensure you get the complete nutrition your body needs to stay fit and healthy.


Tip: Add whole or slivered almonds, cashews or pumpkin seeds to your salad or dish to assist in faster, fuller hair growth. Almonds high levels of biotin which will aid in thicker, stronger, and smoother new growth. Walnuts and pistachios are also a delicious and nutritious option for clear thinking and beautiful locs, so yes, add, add, add the good stuff.


2. Salmon, Mackerel and Sardines are often a good option when keeping that early dinner light. If you’re leaning towards a salmon dinner, try to make sure it’s not farmed salmon. Salmon is known to be extra sensitive to toxins and when they’re farmed they’re often kept swimming in their own fecal matter, which is probably not the most desirable style to treat or eat a fish.


Grilled sardines, or mackerel with garlic, lemon and olive oil can smell and taste irresistibly zestful. The omega-3s found in the fish mentioned above is unsurpassably good for your skin, locs, brain and body. Salmon is overflowing with omega-3s, protein, B12, and iron which promotes clean and nutritious hair follicles while adding shine and sheen to your loose or loc’d hair.

Try a fish dish mentioned above with a sweet potato side. Hint: The Beta Carotene, which is then converted into Vitamin A, found sweetly inside Sweet potato, pumpkins and carrots will seriously improve dry scalp and dry or dull locs.


3. While were here, in the non-vegetarian/vegan section, it’s a good time to mention animal liver. Liver has an unbeatable amount of iron, so if you’re iron deficient, and your hair and body know it, try it out. Goose liver has exceptionally high levels of iron, then pork liver, chicken liver, and in last place, beef liver. Who would’ve guessed that chicken liver trumps beef liver in iron? Additionally, Soybean is also a great source of iron, so if you’re not feeling the liver, and you’re not allergic to soy, treat yourself with the tofu, seitan, option.


4. Now for some vegetarian/vegan relief, there is always lentils. If you get bored of eating lentils, try a different color. Some lentils are green, red (which don’t look red at all, but anyway), black, also known as, beluga lentils (which taste even beefier than green lentils in case your experimenting with veggie burgers), and brown lentils. Surprisingly, the difference in color does in fact have a difference in taste (it’s not psychological).


Curry lentils, lentil burgers, or lentils your way, are all awesome choices rich in protein, folic acids, fibre, magnesium, potassium, and iron. All the following vitamins and nutrients are essential to keep your scalp and locs nutritious and conditioned. Add mushrooms or tahini (sesame) paste to the stew, or burger, to up your copper intake, which is said to help retain your natural hair color.


5. While we’re here, a mexican style, black bean dinner, with or without the taco, is always, always a good option. Okay, we’ll try not to be bias here. You can go for refried beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, adzuki beans, split peas, all legumes are rich in many vitamins and minerals, but especially protein, which is fundamental for a healthy diet, especially an active one. You really want to try your best to eat protein in every meal to keep your energy levels up and your scalp, roots, and locs strong and healthy. Especially, if you’re lacking new hair growth, you’ll need to increase the protein.


If you’re eating poultry, add clean chicken to your taco plate, and if your skin isn’t behaving properly try to avoid creams, cheeses, and milk based products. They are an inflammatory culprit which often causes breakouts and bloating. No fun. And again, try adding a small side of rice to your bean bowl, together they make a complete protein. Awesome.  

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