Why does the interlocking set not include the locking spray?

Why does the interlocking set not include the locking spray?

Guess you noticed Dr Locs interlocking set is unique in the way that it doesn’t include the Dr Locs locking spray? 

Here’s why. 

At first, we were offering our complete set with all of our products in the product line. But as the Dr Locs community began to grow, we were getting more and more feedback from our people. There were groups of people buying the full set who wanted the deal but didn't need or didn't use the locking spray. Eventually they had bundles of Dr Locs’ locking spray, which started piling up. So naturally we responded to that. 

To Use the Locking Spray, or Not to Use the Locking Spray?

As Dr Locs was working as a professional loctician on locs born through interlocking, she didn’t use the locking spray as much as compared to those whose grooming involved palm rolling. The cases when Dr Locs did use the locking spray on interlocked locs was when someone had flyaways or had interlocked with a finer hair type. 

Finer hair or flyaways can use the locking spray, even during the mature phase. Those flyaways which have not matured into the loc yet can be twisted into the root with the locking spray to create a finished look. Some people love it, and use the locking spray even with interlocked locs, but others find it not all that necessary for their grooming routine. 


If your grooming and maintenance routine is followed through with the interlocking method, our locking spray in the Dr Locs’ line isn’t essential. That being said, if you did want to use the locking spray on your interlocked locs, you absolutely can. We recommend using the locking spray on interlocked locs if you have a finer hair texture, or if you really want that ‘tight’ finished look, to tuck away any of those flyaways. And that’s all there is to it! 

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