Where's the cream?

Where's the cream?

As you may or may not have noticed, Dr. Locs doesn’t carry a cream or locking butter. Our theory is different from most: your locs will mature and lock via a technique or patience. A cream or gel never makes a loc lock faster. 


Over the years, the Natural Hair Lady would service loc clients with build-up and flakage problems. Most of these problems stemmed from heavy produce used for grooming. Overtime, Dr. Locs was developed to prevent build-up and to clean up flaky scalp issues. 


Most creams and butters on the market promise to “hold” or “lock” hair. Although, these substances may give the allusion that the hair will stay, this doesn’t lock the hair. Instead, the hair holds onto those creams or butters until it seeps to the surface of the loc appearing as a white film. 

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