What is the Awkward Stage of Locs?

What is the Awkward Stage of Locs?

There are several stages to locs from the baby (budding) stage to the mature phase. Each of these phases come with their own reputation and nicknames. One of these phases is made famous by its reputation for being the awkward stage. Because of its bad rep, some people try to skip out on this phase altogether. And that’s fair, it’s not for everyone. But what is the awkward stage of locs?

Why is it Called the Awkward Stage?

Some people even call it the ugly phase unfortunately, but it’s actually the baby fragile stage of locs. It's when the locs don’t look the way you wanted or imagined them to be, and they don't fully look like locs yet. Sometimes depending on how you loc’d your hair it may look spongy and not like ringlets. 

What are your expectations?

You may find the locs look awkward because you started your locs and they just look like frizzy hair. It can be you started with a two strand twist and they look like twists that need to be redone, but since you’re locing your hair, you’re actually waiting for the twist to go away. This can be awkward because they dont look like twists and they don’t look like locs quite yet. 

Starting your locs with comb coils may make the locs appear to be growing in very thick. This might be concerning since at this stage you might think your locs don't look the way you wanted them to look. 

If your locs don't look the way you wanted, a loctician will know where you're headed. Just stay true and continue using the entire Dr Locs' Line to ensure your locs stay build up free, healthy and natural. This is just a stage - you'll get through it.

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