The  Benefits of our Jinan Leave-In Conditioner

The Benefits of our Jinan Leave-In Conditioner

This is not your traditional conditioner, it’s something more! 

Dealing with dry hair that breaks, or just feels rough overall can be somewhat of a nightmare. Finding the right products for your locs that add the right nutrients to your hair, one that wont leave behind any product buildup isn't as easy as we’d like to imagine. Having much experience in the field, Dr Locs carefully curated a leave-in conditioner that would actually soften and strengthen hair without leaving behind any problematic buildup. Here’s a little insight into the magic behind our Jinan Leave-In Conditioner. 

A Lasting Moisturizer for Locs that Smells Amazing!

Our Jinan Leave-In Conditioner offers that moisture your locs crave and can hold onto. Not only will our conditioner hydrate your locs, leaving locs soft and healthy, but it also works at conditioning the hair without leaving behind an oily feel. 

Includes the MOST Effective Essential Oils for Healthy Groomed Locs

The combination of the most active ingredients like distilled water and coconut oil provides for a pleasant soothing experience for the scalp during loc grooming. 

Here’s a little insight into the natural make-up of our conditioner:

  • Distilled Water- you’re really not going to get any moisture into those locs without your hair’s favorite ingredient: water. 
  • Coconut Oil- coconut oil is just so, so good for hair when used in the right way with the right combination of other essential oils. Coconut oil repairs damaged hair, has a unique ability to penetrate the hair shaft, and can reduce protein loss, keeping the hair strands strong, clean and healthy. 
  • Avocado Oil- protects the hair from UV and environmental pollutants, promotes shinier hair, can stimulate hair growth with its naturally occurring biotin, and is a dream team with vitamin E, which is also included in the Jinan Leave-In Conditioner.
  • Apricot Oil- seals in that moisture and improves scalp health. 
  • Argan Oil- Argan oil can get pretty pricey so it isn't used all that often. Argan oil is extra potent and is really the oil that gives us the softness and shine that we all love. 
  • Lemongrass Oil- can treat hair fall, dandruff and controls oil production on the scalp and roots. 
  • Lavender Oil- naturally soothing, smells delicious, improves circulation to the scalp, and has antimicrobial benefits. 
  • Tea Tree Oil- the right amount with the right essential oils cleanses, unclogs hair follicles for new hair growth, and nourishes those roots. 

Our Note on Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has to be diluted because it is just too heavy and can cause buildup. You might not see it but, a professional will. When you don’t dilute it, it can seriously create a build up because of how heavy it is. You can see its density because it's one of the few oils that are hard at room temperature. It is like a butter, but it's unique in its oil form. Too much can cause problems. 

Final Thoughts

This is not your traditional conditioner! Our Jinan Leave-In conditioner is exceptionally lightweight yet effective at hydrating those locs.It’s a very light and fine product that will moisturize your locs without leaving behind any grease. 

Have you experienced our Jinan Leave-In Conditioner first hand? What was your experience? We’d love to hear from you! 

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