If you’ve been dreaming of thicker locs, but don’t know where to start, begin here!  If your locs aren’t as thick as you were hoping for, you feel as if your locs are thinning, or you achieved the locs of your dreams, but now you’re ready for a change, a...

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Many would agree that one of the best parts in having locs is treating yourself to a great loctician, but the perfect loctician can sometimes be hard to find.  If you’re new to the loc community, or feel like it’s time to connect yourself with an awesome loctician, here’s what...

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You may have heard the rumor that cutting your hair makes them grow faster, right? This, many experts say, is in fact, a myth. Give yourself a minute to digest that, we know, it’s a big, ‘Wait what?’ moment.  This isn’t to say you should stop paying tribute and visits...

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