Self-Care Awareness-SELF Care

Self-Care Awareness-SELF Care

Let’s talk about self care. My idea of self care is positive affirmation, positive thinking and self empowerment.

I don’t think we as women do enough self care. We wear many hats but there are times we must remember we need to love ourselves. We are natural care givers and tend to forget about our own needs.

For the past 6 years I have experience depression and anxiety off and on. A few weeks ago I had a panic attack. It felt like I lost all self control for 20 minutes . That’s 20 minutes I can’t get back.

The gym is the greatest stress reliever for me. This past attack made me realize I should probably incorporate more self care regiments. Some things that I added in addition to going to the gym is Yoga, Meditation and Journal writing.

I go to a yoga class at my gym once or twice a month. I’m still getting use to the idea of yoga so this is a work in progress.

For my meditation practice I use guided meditation with the help of the app called Meditation. Another app I use is called Calm. I read that mediation is a great way to clear your headspace. My personal experience 10 minutes of silence is amazing. When you have a head space full of EVERYTHING 10 minutes makes a difference.

My journal writing idea came about during meditation. I started off with writing down positive words that came to mine. (See my picture below) Each day I would write down positive thoughts that I can refer back to during my panic attack’s.

I came up with some more ideas that I want to try. It may be of interest to you.

A walk outside

Manicure and pedicure

Color in my adult coloring book

Reading to get my mind off things

I find there are times we need to be our own cheer leader! Our own inspiration!

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