Retaining Your Loc Moisture During the Fall Season

Retaining Your Loc Moisture During the Fall Season

It’s always sad to wave goodbye to Summer, but there is something nice and cozy about that Autumn air. That cool air however, will affect the condition of your locs in the next months.

We’re all about implementing the perfect maintenance routine for your locs. You may have noticed how your locs behave differently from season to season. Here are our tips for Fall, to keep your locs looking beautiful all season long. 

How you cover your locs in the Fall

Is it too bold to say that everything in life is about moderation and balance? Let’s just say some of the healthiest paths are. How you cover up your locs means everything, especially when it comes to that moisture. If you live in a cooler (as in temperature) city or state, you may need (or want) to wear scarves and cute winter hats. We just want to remind you to be careful when it comes to the material of your scarf or hat. Cottons will dry out your locs and wool or fuzzy cottons can cause lint as well. These issues will only expand on your maintenance hours and may not be worth it. 

Is it time to up the moisture?

You may notice when the temperature drops your skin, scalp and hair become significantly dryer. If you’ve skipped out on hot oil treatments, now may be the moment to splurge and treat your locs to something special. Now is also the moment to invest in a fantastic leave-in-conditioner to keep your locs moisturized all week long. In the summer, especially in humid climates, you may not have needed that added moisture, but come fall and winter many people need to change their habits, products and routine. 

Avoid burning hot showers

We know, we know, there is really nothing like a steaming hot shower to transport you to a state of bliss. But, it’s that very heat and steam that will dry out your scalp, skin and locs. When you’re not washing your locs it is great to expose your locs to some steam for added moisture. However, when it is time to wash your locs, it’s a good idea to turn down the temperature. No one is recommending ice cold showers here, but lukewarm deep cleaning showers will significantly affect the moisture level of your locs. 


As the season changes from Summer to Fall there are small changes you can add to your routine which will have a tremendous impact on your locs. Try to cover up your locs with satin or silk head coverings and be careful when considering which scarf you chose this season. We also think Autumn is a great time to start preparing your locs for winter. If you slowly increase the moisture in your locs now, you’ll fly through winter without any maintenance panic. Both your skin and locs will need some extra TLC this season, let’s make it a good one!

Have you mastered special tricks to optimize your locs for Fall conditions? Share your experiences with the community, we’d love to hear about it!

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