Repairing Heat Damaged Locs: Here's What You Need to Know

Repairing Heat Damaged Locs: Here's What You Need to Know

Thinking about starting locs from heat damaged hair, or have you already started your locs even though your hair was heat damaged?

Though you may want to keep your length when starting locs, the experience of growing out heat damaged hair, or color damaged hair might not be all that worth it in the end. 

What will happen if you start your locs with heat damaged hair?

We hope you’re ready for this one. If you start your locs with heat damaged hair, what’s going to happen is eventually the loc will break off. Your new hair will grow as your normal hair texture, so it might look like a lot is going on in your hair. This might be a look you’re into, though it might also not be the look you were aiming for or hoping for when transitioning to an all natural look. 

Can you treat heat damaged hair and save the length?

Treating the damaged hair is too difficult because it's already damaged beyond repair. You can condition as you would normal locs, but if your hair is damaged your best efforts will be to let it go. Trying to save the damaged hair is sort of like harping on the past, something you can not control. Why not start fresh and start anew? 

What’s best to do when your hair is heat damaged and you want locs or natural hair?

Ready for this? Cut it off. We know. Take a deep breath and accept the reality. Truth can hurt sometimes. It’s happened to so many of us who started locs with color damaged or heat damaged hair. We had to cut it, or deal with the locs breaking and the damaged hair falling off.

Starting locs is the beginning of a new phase in your life. So why not start fresh, and let go of the past, of what’s no longer serving you? Step into the present-future, vulnerable and ready for positive change. We know you can do it. We believe in you! And don’t be shy to reach out to the community if you need support and words of encouragement, because we are here for you. Plenty of women and men have been in your shoes and can support you through this transformation! You got this! 

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