Pre-Cleanse For Athletes

Pre-Cleanse For Athletes

Have you been wondering why people who workout use the precleanse in between washes? Or maybe you haven’t even uncovered their secret and now we’ve just gifted you a post-workout plan to keep your locs looking clean and healthy.

Many loc’ers out there have been wondering how to work out while keeping their locs looking and smelling delightfully clean. That’s exactly why Dr. Locs designed an all natural pre-cleanse for locs. Well, it’s not the only reason why, but it was a great motivating factor in adding this product to the line.

Dr. Locs pre-cleanse utilizes ingredients like sea salt, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and tea tree oil to lift any dirt or debris that may be caught in your locs post rub or workout. While these ingredients may be straight from nature’s garden, they are extremely powerful and should, individually, be handled with thoughtful care. The four ingredients listed above work as antifungal, antibacterial astringents that work against the sweat and excess oil you may have worked up during your workout.

Although it does tend to grow on most of us, not everyone is crazy about the smell of apple cider vinegar. Luckily, Dr. Locs has added Eucalyptus oil and Rosewater to rearrange that smell. Well, in truth, it wasn’t the only reason why Dr. Locs added those two sweet smelling ingredients, but also for their nourishing effects on both the scalp and locs. It’s all about getting the right balance, not only in the bottle, but in life too. The pre-cleanser is designed to leave you with a fresh tingling feeling, so you feel not only positive about your workout, but also about your healthy looking locs. We’re a big fan of the holistic approach, healthy body, healthy mind, healthy skin and healthy locs!

The pre-cleanse is a guilt-free cleanser made to keep your locs looking healthy and your mind feeling positive. The best way to utilize this spritz, is to equally spray around your roots after an intense workout, or before a deep shampoo and conditioning routine. We recommend adding this spray bottle to your gym bag, consider it a workout upgrade.

If you are still looking for some extra motivation, Dr. Locs is having a sale this month on the Pre-Cleanse, consider it an early New Year’s resolution!

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