Dr Locs New Color-Protecting Line - All Details Here

Dr Locs New Color-Protecting Line - All Details Here

Our new color-protecting line is made up of 3 products, a clarifying shampoo, a color-protecting shampoo and a color-treated conditioner designed especially for your colored loc’d or loose hair. The entire line has been tested on both types and works its magic just as we expected! 

Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo 

What is a clarifying shampoo? Our clarifying shampoo is so special because we're using ingredients that aren’t necessarily available to the public, but we’ve been meeting with chemists to make sure we stay true to our original claim - a buildup free line as always! 

Our clarifying shampoo will pull up all the excessive old oils and minerals that are stuck in your roots and locs. The Dr Locs Sweet Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo is so amazing because it won't strip the hair like so many others do. You don't need to strip your hair so that it feels rough and dry to get out the dirty stuff, we can get out the dirty stuff without taking out the good stuff. 

For best practices, when using the Clarifying Shampoo, you don't need to use it every time  you wash, twice a month at most works. This is your go-to when you feel you need that BIG deep clean. Our clarifying shampoo was designed with our chemist with the intention not to strip any color. This was a huge part of our process for creating a safe and incredible product for you. We want to remove buildup, but we also want to preserve that color. Our clarifying shampoo moisturizes the hair when used alongside our conditioner. If you shampoo every two weeks, you’ll want to use the clarifying shampoo once a month and a moisturizing shampoo every other wash. 

Rose Lavender Color-Protecting Shampoo

The base will be your color protecting shampoo. This will be your go-to shampoo when you have color treated hair. Especially if you’re washing your hair frequently. The clarifying shampoo is for the big, deep clean, and your color-protecting shampoo will be the one you use more frequently, depending how often you wash your hair. If you wash your hair every week, then we’d recommend using the color-protecting shampoo. The ingredients will help enhance the color, which is what makes it different from regular shampoo. This shampoo is for all colors. 

In the words of our dear friend Joy Barnes, Master Cosmetologist and Owner of No More Hats Salon, “Color treated shampoos and conditioners replace the nutrients and proteins taken out during the color process, after the hair has been altered, because you lose some good stuff when the cuticles lift and close. Shampoos for color treated hair offer the necessary moisture and prevent dryness.” 

Both shampoos in our color-protected line are paraben free, GMO-free, color safe and sulfate-free. Both shampoos are pretty moisturizing and won’t leave buildup in your hair. According to Joy, “Color treated shampoos are low sulfate and designed to help prevent fading, and works at moisturizing the hair. A shampoo for normal hair is designed differently and can potentially strip color.” 

The Amla Extract Color Protecting Conditioner

Is super effective, and will melt like butter in your hands. It’s very light, it’s almost like a cream but isn’t a cream, because it’s just so light, but so nourishing (and obviously will not create a buildup)!!

Hair will let things sit on the top or the middle when it doesn’t like it. However, the same way flowers love moisture and what’s good for their health, your hair will drink up what it needs and what it likes. This color-protecting conditioner is made with Amla extract which hydrates the hair, which will restore moisture without product buildup, is rich in vitamin E, C and antioxidants, and will regenerate the hair so that it looks and feels great. 

Every ingredient we included in these products were carefully chosen with our professional loctician and our chemist to ensure there’s no buildup, and that you get a product that works and that will enrich and nourish your hair so that it looks and feels great! 

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