Mommy's Got Style, or at least My First Hairstylist

Mommy's Got Style, or at least My First Hairstylist


Remember your first hairstyle? Remember your first favorite hairstyle? The chances are either your first hairstyle was highly traumatic, ie too short, too uneven, we’re talking laugh out loud wrong, or you were already slipping on those magical slippers on your way to show off your new favorite look to all the other kids in the class, building, playground or block.

Most of us had the pleasure, or misfortune, to get styled by our very own creative Mummys (like the English say, not the Egyptian sort). Thankfully we can laugh it off in hindsight, and yes we should, because as you probably have already figured out, The Queen (your Mom) had your best interest in mind.

For those of us who got a spectacular style from the lovely lady who spent hours braiding, twisting, cutting, wrapping, roping, rinsing, brushing and tweaking your locs we hope she passed down the praiseworthy knowledge. Maybe you were lucky enough to be child number three or four and by this time your mother was pretty much a hairstyle professional on the block. Now you know, as well as anyone around, how much time and effort she put into making you look and feel good (and plenty more).

Maybe not all of us got styled by our moms, but she was wise enough to find someone who could do your do right, right? This is a whole other ballgame of intelligence-- a woman who knows when to step down to the master creator of hairstyle. Now you’re wondering if we’re serious. The thing is, we absolutely are! If you have kept the family tree growing and you’re new, or not so new, to the Mommy world, you know how challenging things can get, and by things we don't just mean hairstyles here, that’s for sure. But, for now, we want to stay focused on the praise, because it’s not everyday we get to express our gratitude to the ones we love most in this world, and certainly mom is way, way, way, way, way up there on that holy list.

Sometimes we run out of our positive energy vacuum by the time mom calls, or by the time ma is waiting for us at home. We know that stress game too well, the ones who deserve are best, sometimes get our worst. On the optimistic end, they will love us anyway, but maybe we need to take a healthy reflective step back and channel our heart chakras to feel the love and appreciation we have for our mothers, and all the people in our lives.

So, on this mother’s day, we hope you can take the time to meditate on all the good your mom has done for you, from your very first hairstyle to your very first dorm room, apartment or house, and celebrate the incredible woman that she is!

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