If You Go to the Barber With Locs, Watch Out for This Issue

If You Go to the Barber With Locs, Watch Out for This Issue

If you have locs and take regular visits to the barber, there are some things you should look out for… if you want to keep your locs. 

So there’s this thing that barbers do that you may not be aware of, but you certainly want to be aware of. Have we built up the tension enough? Okay, okay here it is. 

The #1 Thing to Look Out for When You Visit the Barber and You Have Locs

After you’ve gotten all comfortable in that chair and you’ve got your salon apron on, better look out for this: when barbers cut into the base of locs when getting lineups. I’m sure you’ve seen images of this, look at the example below:

A loc is like a tree, you have the trunk which is the loc, and the roots which are the roots of your locs. The roots support the size of the locs. When the roots are cut out, the tree always falls. Always. It's a natural balance that is being disturbed. Do not let anyone cut into the roots of your locs. The roots are their source of life. 

How Do You Avoid Picking a Barber Who Cuts Into Your Roots?  

Find someone who has pictures of other clients with locs, and make sure they don’t have that issue. Clients won’t even know why problems with their locs arose, because they trust professionals. The loc won’t break right away, it will get weak and eventually you’ll need to get rid of it. So the key is to find a barber who is skilled at working with people with locs. 

Find a barber who has a reputable reputation from either someone you know who has locs, or from a stranger whose hair looks good in the supermarket, grocery store or on the street. Don't be shy, just ask. You’d be happy to provide that kind of information to someone in need, we feel pretty confident they will too. 

And then, call the barber up before sitting in that chair and ask if they know how to cut edges or hairlines without driving into your roots or locs. Ask them those questions. And if they go in on the subject, they’ll probably know how to properly work on your locs. 


The key here is to ask around, look around and ask someone whose hair you like, who did their hair. Tell them you’re looking for someone who doesn’t jack up the crown of my hair. Don’t risk putting your locs in the wrong hands. 

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