Loc Style Ideas for the Holiday Season

Loc Style Ideas for the Holiday Season

Holiday season means holiday parties. For some, it may just mean a small intimate gathering, but for others, it may just be the most social time of the year. If this sounds like you, then you’re probably looking for some inspiring hairstyles for all those holiday parties, whether it’s with you family, friends or colleagues, here are some of our favorite holiday loc stylin. 

Two-in-One Styles 

Two in one styles is a great option if you have many parties to attend. Two in one styles give you the option to change it up for each occasion. For example, you can start off with plats or two strand twists. That’ll be your first style, which will lead to waves or curls when you take them down. 

You can either gather your locs into four sections for that wavy look when you take them down. Or you can take fewer locs into more sections for a tighter style with more waves. You never want to twist your locs together for a wavy style when your hair is wet. The best way to achieve this look is by spraying your locs with the Jinan Moisture Mix and twist, then move onto the next section. Keep each twist together with rubber bands for two weeks, style one. You can also do this style under a dryer. 

These styles can last you from Christmas all the way to your New Year’s parties. 

Accessorizing Your Locs

You can go in plenty of creative directions with this one. You can go for loc charms, you can use strings tied or twisted into your loc style - these options won't damage your hair as you add some festivities to your look. You can even use bells from a place like hobby lobby, as long as they're not too heavy you'll be fine. Whatever accessory you choose, make sure they don’t pull or weigh down on your scalp or edges. If it feels uncomfortable, it probably isn’t the best option.


What style you going for this holiday season?

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