Rose water has been gaining a lot of attention lately because of its pleasant fragrance and benefits to the skin. It is often used as a facial toner, and an ingredient in face and body creams because of its moisturizing properties. It is also said that the ancient Romans used to bathe in rose water, aside from pure oils.

So it really isn’t a surprise that people have been using this on their hair, too. Rose water is believed to improve the blood circulation in the scalp, leading to the belief that can promote hair growth. Since it is moisturizing to the skin, it can also be said that rose water is also a great hair conditioner and can offer lots of benefits to your hair. 

Now, to answer the question, is rose water good for your dreadlocks? Yes, it is. As mentioned earlier, rose water is a potent moisturizer to both the skin and the hair. Dreadlocks need extra care for you to be able to maintain it, and moisture is a vital part in hair care--dreads or not. Rose water is staple ingredient of Jinan Leave in Conditioner

Rose water is widely available in drug stores and health food stores, and is also very affordable (depending on where you buy it). If you want, you can mix it with glycerin for added moisturizing benefits.

If for some reason, though, you can’t find a place to get your rose water from or if it gets too much for your budget, don’t worry, you can make your own!

Here’s how: 


- 1 cup of fresh rose petals (pesticide-free)

- 2 cups of distilled water

- 1 tsp of vodka (this is optional)


1. Rinse the rose petals.

2. Toss the rose petals into a sauce pan and add some water. Make sure that you pour just the right amount of water, or else your rose water will be diluted too much.

3. If you want to, you can add one teaspoon of vodka. This will help preserve the rose water so you can use it longer.

4. Cover the sauce pan and turn your stove on. Set it to low heat. Make sure that the water doesn’t come to a boil or simmer.

5. Turn the stove off after about 20 minutes or once the water takes on the color of the rose petals.

6. Pour the rose water into a mason jar, or any container that is large enough for your concoction. Use a strainer to catch the petals.

7. Store your rose water in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. This recipe should last you a week.

And here is a recipe for when you only have dried rose petals available.

What you need:

- large, wide-mouth jar/mason jar

- 1/4 cup of dried rose petals

- 1 1/4 cup of hot distilled water


1. Toss the dried rose petals into the jar.

2. Pout the hot water into the jar with the rose petals.

3. Cover the jar wait for the water to cool.

4. Use a strainer to transfer only the finished rose water into another container.

5. Store in the refrigerator.

8. You can now enjoy your homemade rose water. You can add some vegetable glycerin in it or use it for other hair mist recipes. You can also put your rose water in a spray bottle for spraying it alone onto your hair.

Rose water is one of the main ingredients in Jinan Leave in Conditioner.