How Your Hair and Skin Will Benefit from Avocado Oil

How Your Hair and Skin Will Benefit from Avocado Oil

Looking for softer skin and hair? Look no further than avocado oil. 

Avocado oil has the natural power to moisturize, heal acne and wounds, fight off signs of aging and sun damage. It’s a natural remedy for dandruff and dry scalp, and let’s not overlook all the added health benefits we get when we consume it. The oil itself is extracted from the fruit and is best to buy unrefined, cold-pressed, extra-virgin to really get all those awesome nutrients. Now let’s get into the good stuff, how our hair and skin can benefit from this nutritious oil. 

Natural Remedy for Dry Skin, Dry Hair and Dry Scalp

The oleic acid and phytosterols present in avocado oil is what makes it such a darn good moisturizer. It has the ability to pass through the first layers of the skin to really get you that feel-good smoothness we’re all after. It also contains high levels of vitamin e, which we all know is incredibly beneficial for our skin, hair and scalp. 

Anti-Aging Benefits 

The lecithin found in avocado oil is known for boosting collagen production. The vitamin A on the other hand, enhances the skin’s natural antioxidant storage, making it difficult for fine lines to make their way onto our skin. 

Protects Skin and Hair from Sun Damage

The sun’s powerful UV rays can damage both your skin and hair. Avocado oil can actually prevent and treat sun damage because of their PFAs and the vitamin E. For this reason it’s great to use products that have avocado oil already in the mix - like your sunblock, moistures, shampoos, creams and conditioners. 

Prevents and Treats Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis

Avocado oil will keep the skin with the right amount of hydration it needs not to break out with acne or any other skin irritation. It keeps the skin’s oil production in balance, and firms and strengthens the skin. This way the skin is more readily available to absorb and retain that needed moisture, without producing excess oil. 

Promotes Hair Growth

Avocado oil in your natural hair care products can help stimulate hair growth. Massaging the oil directly onto the scalp will also help relieve dry scalp and promote the generation of new hair follicles. The vitamin D, a rare vitamin not found in too many ingredients, is a part of what contributes to a healthy scalp and new hair growth. 

Now you get why we had to include Avocado Oil in both our Yaya Oil and our Jinan Leave-In Conditioner

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