How to Take Care of Your Locs in Wet and Humid Climates

How to Take Care of Your Locs in Wet and Humid Climates

We all know that moisture is great for locs, especially if you want to keep them looking healthy and smooth, however, like all things in life, there is a balance to how much moisture the hair can handle. Too much moisture can cause build-up, or mildew in the locs, which may be a concern for many living in wet and humid climates. This also may interest those of you going away somewhere tropical during your summer vacation and wondering how to look after your locs in the tropical heat. 

Is humidity good for locs?

The good news is that the humidity is actually good for locs. Locs need moisture to stay soft and healthy. When you’ve experience dry locs, that’s usually when the breakage and frizziness start to crack and crumble. However, when you live or visit a humid region then both your skin and hair will benefit from the natural moisture in the air. Usually, in dry regions, the trick is to shower and let your hair absorb the steam and moisture from the shower, even on the days when your locs are not up for a wash. However, in humid regions you may be able to go longer without washing your locs because the moisture is already locking in (unless of course you’re sweating a lot and dirt begins building up in your locs). 

What to look out for in humid regions?

Like we said earlier, anything in excess usually comes with its risks. Too much moisture may not allow the locs to properly dry after a deep wash or full dip in the ocean or swimming pool. If your locs don’t dry properly, especially after consecutive rinses, then you risk build-up and mold. If you’re heading to a tropical or humid area its important to take extra care in drying your locs after a wash. Using a pre-cleanse may come in handy in such a conditioning condition. 

Frizzy Humidity

If your hair texture becomes frizzier in the humid weather, then the best solution is to tie a cotton-free scarf around your hair. You may just need to cover your scalp and let the rest of your locs soak in the moisture, but make sure to cover with care. Again, you don't want to wrap and roll your locks in a headscarf when there is still too much moisture in your locs. The idea is to keep the moisture and air flowing in order to keep your locs looking their best and healthiest! 

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