How To Take Care of Your Edges

How To Take Care of Your Edges

If you’re worried about your edges, here are some habits and hairstyles you want to be aware of. 

Prevention is key. Don’t wait until you get to the point where you have to start repairing your edges because of all the tension and stress you’ve been putting those hair strands and follicles through. Start with healthy hair habits that nourish your hair rather than weaken those strands. In this article we’ll have a look at a few ways you can avoid weakening those beautiful edges. 

Be Aware of tension in that area 

Heavy styles and tight styles can cause hair breakage. When you’re going for a new style you’ll want to make sure it’s not causing too much tension around your edges, because even though it may look exactly as you imagined, overtime it will cause breakage, and can cause your hair to fall out and recede. Those edges are weaker or more baby hair like, those hairs aren’t indestructible. The middle of your head is home to the strongest hair, so be aware of the tension you're causing to that area. Be gentle, those strands and follicles can only put up with so much. 

Headbands and Hair Accessories 

Be aware of what kind of tension your headbands or rubber bands can cause to your edges. Using a large rubber rand as a headband can pull your hair out. You might not realize what's happening at first but overtime the hair will recede and fall out. Try to avoid rubbing your headband back and forth and using accessories that cause pressure and tension to your scalp. 


Makeup can clog your hair follicles and prevent new growth. Be aware of the makeup you use and make sure that you wash your face at night and in the morning to get all that makeout up. Pay extra attention to your hairline when washing and cleansing your face so you don’t clog any of those pores on your scalp. 

Hands and Fingers

A lot of us have nervous twitches that make us touch our face, eyebrows and hair. Rubbing your edges nervously can cause problems down the line. Be aware of what you're doing with your hands. A lot of us don't realize the nervous habits we pick up until we have to come face to face with the consequences. Prevention is key. 

If you have any questions about your edges or habits, speak to a professional who can have a look at your hair and offer you personal feedback to help you restore those edges.

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