How to Prep Your Locs for Summer

How to Prep Your Locs for Summer

How to Prep Your Locs for Summer 

Summer is quickly approaching and we know you want your locs looking their best this summer. 

There’s lots of things that you can do for your locs during the hot summer heat waves so that you can look awesome all summer long. In this article we’ll take a look at how you can go swimming this summer, workout outside and just style your locs during those hot and humid days. 

Swimming With Locs

If you’re jumping into the ocean or swimming pool you can either tie up your locs so they don’t get wet, or you can rinse/soak your locs in water to reduce the damage that can occur from salt and chlorine. If you choose to leave your locs loose, then as soon as you're done with your refreshing dip and swim, please rinse your hair well, until you feel the majority of the salt or chlorine is out of your locs. 

We do recommend shampooing after a few times in the pool or ocean to really remove that chlorine or salt water that can dry out and damage your locs. Then we highly recommend completely drying your locs. Some of our clients occasionally dry their locs under a strong sun, if this is you, we don’t recommend making a habit of it. And, we do recommend squeezing your locs to really be sure they are totally dry. 

Working Out with Locs

We’re huge fans of getting that heart rate up and working out all year long. When summer rolls around, we begin to up our exercise routine. If you’re planning on running outside, taking some pilates or yoga courses and you really work up a sweat, we first recommend that you cover up, or tie up your locs. Then, as soon as you finish working out to really clean your scalp around your locs, either with our Pre-Cleanse, or with a fabric to run along your scalp to remove sweat and dirt. This will save your scalp in the long run and can help prevent frizzing. The pre-cleanse will help make your hair and scalp feel clean and fresh so you can get on with your day or evening. 

Protective Styles for Summer 

Summer is a great season to go for protective styles. Many protective styles can also protect your scalp from the strong UV rays. We certainly don’t want to expose our scalp or hair to sun (heat) damage, and definitely not our scalp. Protective styles, besides looking awesome, also work to your advantage if it’s really hot and humid and you need to get your hair off your back. 


Summer is an awesome time to look and feel your best. Our vitamin D levels are up, we have more motivation to be outside and be active, and the days are longer, and yes, warmer. We do strongly recommend covering up your skin and locs from the sun, since those UV rays are much stronger than they were in the past. Keep your skin and hair safe this summer, and use this high season to really fill yourself up with some real good self love and self care. You got this. 

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