How Long Should Your Retwist Last?

How Long Should Your Retwist Last?

Retwisting locs is one of the most important and sensitive maintenance methods when it comes to our locs. 

One of the many lessons we learn with locs is the beauty of balance. Too much of anything (even the great stuff) can be harmful and damaging. We love the ‘middle way,’ and it’s our belief that all great things come in moderation. That being said, how frequently we twist our locs is a key step in maintaining healthy locs as they grow.  Overtwisting, or under twisting our locs can be damaging to our locs, and can leave us with some maintenance issues down the line. If you want to achieve the locs of your dreams, the products you use and how often you twist is everything (or nearly everything.)

How often should I retwist my locs?

You’re not going to love this answer, but everyone’s hair is different. It’s hard for us to tell you how long your retwist should last without knowing what loc phase you're in at the moment, the style and texture of your hair, and your daily habits and lifestyle.That being said, a typical retwist should/could last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. But again, it will depend on how you take care of your locs. 

Your retwist can last longer, it can even last for months, if you make all the right moves to make your retwist last longer. 

How to Make your Retwist Last Longer

If you really want your retwist to last longer, there are a few steps you can take to keep your retwists lasting beyond your average timeline. 

  1. Wear a cloth and a showercap in the shower - a showercap with material inside and not with a showercap that is all plastic will help your retwist last longer. An all plastic shower cap will make your hair curl up because steam will get inside the showercap. You’ll want a showercap that has material inside the cap to protect your locs. If you need to wash your hair frequently, you’ll most likely need a retwist more frequently. If you shower or bathe with your hair uncovered, and take a really hot shower, your hair will steam, especially if your hair is really fine, your hair will come undone. Find a hair bonnet, a durag or a silk scarf and wear your showercap on top of the fabric to protect your locs.
  2. Always go to bed with your hair scarf on if you want your hair to look nice and neat for longer. Tie your hair up with a hair scarf at night, or wrap your hair with your favorite bonnet. You can also add a silk material around your edges under your bonnet for added protection. We recommend our bonnets we offer both short and long.  
  3. Allow your hair to dry completely when you're groomingIf we don't rush through the drying process our hair twist will last longer. You should be under a dryer for at least an hour. Let your hair dry for about 40-50 minutes. Take your clips down and with two pigtails, sit under the dryer for another 30 minutes. First you allow the back of your head and outermost layers of your locs to dry. Then you can even bring your pigtails up to the dryer  to get inside the locs. Squeeze your locs to see if they are completely dry. 
  4. Treat your hair as if you have a roller set. If you wet your hair, it will naturally go back to its natural curl pattern. Even if your hair is retwisted, when the hair gets wet, it will go back to its natural curl pattern. 
  5. Cover up during the Rain. Don't put your locs under a plastic bag, this will create steam. Protect your hair from mist and rain either with an umbrella, or with a scarf.  

Last Thoughts

Extending the time between each retwist will depend on how cautious and aware we are of our locs and our habits. Some of us don’t have the time or patience to pay attention to every little detail, while others love having that kind of control over their locs and their retwists. 

However long your retwist will last is up to you and your maintenance routine. Follow a routine that works best for your dreams and your lifestyle habits. Sometimes we’ll have to readjust our expectations, or readjust our habits to get the results we truly desire. Go with what makes you feel happiest, we’re big fans of self care!  

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