Get to know Your Jojoba Oil and it’s Loc Benefits

Get to know Your Jojoba Oil and it’s Loc Benefits

Jojoba oil comes from the seeds of the Jojoba plant which is a native plant to Southern United States and Mexico. The oil itself has an extremely long shelf life, especially compared to other oils. That could be because Jojoba isn’t actually an oil at all but a combination of long chain monounsaturated liquid wax esters. It’s not hard to guess why we’ve all agreed to call it an oil, rolls of the tongue and memory much more gracefully, don’t you think?

For all you animal lovers out there it will please you to know that actually Jojoba oil replaced whale oil, which was widely used in health and cosmetic products. They even discovered that Jojoba oil was far superior to whale oil for health and cosmetic products and not to mention, far less cruel but, that was way back in the 1960’s so let’s get on with it. 

So, why is Sebum so good for your locs?

Sister Sebum

Well, first and foremost, Jojoba oil is structurally and chemically beautifully close to our body’s natural sebum. Jojoba oil can compensate for low levels of sebum while additionally, boosting the health and wealth of your scalp and roots.  

Keep it Moist

If you’re troubled by dry scalp due to hard water, cold weather, or even the change of season, jojoba oil can reboot your dehydrated scalp. The moisture your scalp drinks up from jojoba oil doesn’t evaporate like other water based oils do, so it’s sure to lick, kiss and seal its mark on your newly nutritious scalp.

pH Harmony and Strength

The moisturizing effects of jojoba oil creates a proper pH balance on your skin and hair. This natural balance will enormously improve dull and dry hair within weeks, literally. Plus, Jojoba oil works its magic on brittle and weak locs. So, if you’re prone to breakage or frizz, jojoba oil is here to help. 

Hair growth or Hair Loss

Since jojoba oil works at balancing the sebum levels which the scalp produces, it helps in promoting healthy hair growth and prevents unnecessary hair loss. Hair loss can be caused from a number of events like, over twisting, genetics, diet and plenty more. However with every problem comes a natural remedy, it’s only a matter of perseverance and patientes. Jojoba oil boosts your body’s production of new hair cells. Jojoba will clear away blocked pores and follicles which is another possible explanation for hair loss. 

How to Add the Oil to Your Routine

If your locs and scalp are in perfect condition then you’re best off keeping to your natural routine. However, if you want to add jojoba oil to your loc care routine there are a few options. 

First off, jojoba oil is quite expensive, but you don’t actually need to use too many drops to your scalp and roots. 

  1. One option is to heat up a small amount of jojoba oil. When the oil is warm massage the liquid directly onto your scalp. Your best option is to keep the oil on your scalp and roots. This will encourage healthy and rich hair and growth. After 30 minutes to an hour shampoo as you normally would, and there you have it, healthy hair at its best.
  2. Another option is a Pre-cleanse (we can recommend a great one) which includes jojoba oil as one it’s very natural and essential ingredients, among many other naturally balancing blends.
  3. After you’ve washed your hair and you notice your locs looking and feeling far more brittle and dull than you’d like your locs to look, add two or three drops to your palm and evenly distribute amongst your roots and locs and watch the jojoba magic unfold.       


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