Five Date Night Dos For Your Locs

Five Date Night Dos For Your Locs

There’s no reason why you shouldn't feel good or look good due to lockdown. Put on some heels, or a little makeup, whatever makes you feel like you again and plan a fun date night (with someone or simply by yourself).  If you’re on the hunt for the perfect hairstyle for your outfit, here are five of our favorite styles from updos to letting your locs hang loose, so you’ll look and feel your best!

Killing it with a hairpiece

Have you ever considered tying a ribbon or wired hair piece around your side-parted locs pulled back or, let loose? This option is beautiful for all loc phases, at any length, from short locs to hip-length hair. The color and patterns of the fabric is up to you. You can opt for a chic black or white ribbon, or go wild with patterns depending on the rest of your outfit.

Featured: Danielle J. Laroque

From Straight to Curly locs

Trying or buying something new, for some reason, always lends that extra confidence boost. If you’ve never tried curly locs, now's your chance to try something new and love the way you look. The safest way to curl your locs is to spray them with a little water and braid them, leaving the braids overnight and the next day, unbraiding your locs right before that date. The longer you leave the braids in, the longer your waves will last, and the wavier your locs may look. 

Featured: Juanita

Speaking of Braids

Speaking of braids, braiding your locs into one long side braid, or fish-tale braids will make you feel elegant and composed. You can even consider running a gold streamer through your braids just to add a little ‘umph’ to your date night look. Another option is to braid your hair into two or even four braids, showing off that beautiful face of yours!

Featured: Shanicia Boswell 

High Bun

The high bun is a classic go-to because one, it almost never lets you down, and two, because there are so many different types of high-buns you can choose from. There’s the classic high-bun, which is a style to ensure your hair looks the same from when you left the house until you return (to your place or theirs!), there’s the messy bun (which of course is planned and perfect) and there is the low bun (which is almost like a high bun, but low, you know?). Add a little bang with the bun for flavor and you're defining sexy sis! 

Featured: Kristen Nichole

The Loc Hawk

Whenever many of us imagine a ‘hawk-like’ hairstyle we imagine someone with shaved sides. Well, think again! There are super sexy hawk styles where you can keep all your locs shaped into a high-top loc hawk hairstyle. This way your locs are pulled up, but with a lot of style and shape to work with. The rest of the evening is up to you! 

Featured: Millicent Swift

What styles do you wear on date night? Take some time to get dressed up and go out...even if you walking around this house (we’re aware it’s still quarantine time). But look good, feel good, and soak up all the good vibes you can! 

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