Dr Locs Reviews - The Pre-Cleanse Edition

Dr Locs Reviews - The Pre-Cleanse Edition

Naturally we think our Pre Cleanse is the bomb, but instead of taking our word for it, find out what people who have used and reviewed our Pre-Cleanse think about it!

Our entire buildup free line, including our Pre-cleanse, comes highly recommended in the loc community. Today we’re going to focus on what people are saying out there specifically about our Pre-Cleanse. For this article we picked the most viewed videos of people who’ve used and reviewed our products and what they thought about it - not to mention unsponsored reviewers, just real people reviewing real products.

Reviewer #1

For many, the pre-cleanse is plain and simply their favorite product. According to the Digital Loctician, ‘this stuff works, it really works.’ Some people were skeptical that it might not actually get all that flakage or buildup out of their locs, but once they used it on their flakes they experienced the instant magic of the pre-cleanse. She says, it’ll make your scalp feel clean and fresh, and those who don’t shampoo so often would really benefit from this pre-cleanse. 

The digital loctician used our pre-cleanse on a client’s loc with a load of buildup and within minutes the buildup vanished, seriously vanished. She also uses the pre-cleanse on her clients who live really active lifestyles or, when she sees clients having buildup. 

The Digital Loctician personally and professionally recommends this product for your locs. 


Reviewer #2

Janine Patrice’s review, a popular reviewer we found on YouTube reviewing our products, used our pre-cleanse in the video. She didn't have a lot of buildup to begin with (we already love her!), but loved having it as a first step in her wash routine She says it wasn’t stripping and it helped the shampoo work it’s way more easily through her locs, especially the locs in the back area which is typically harder to care for.

Reviewer #3

When Morgan Alexis reviewed our line, she used the pre-cleanse without saturating her locs with water (she missed that step, we always recommend saturating your locs with water first, but all good, no harm done!) Even without spraying down her locs with water, she still found the dirt leaving her locs by just using the Pre-Cleanse when she rinsed out the pre-cleanse in the shower. Even though she may not have used the pre-cleanse in a method that facilitates top-notch cleansing, she still found that it effectively brought up that dirt and prepared her locs for her shampoo round.

Reviewer #4

Nia Bia’s channel reviewed Dr Locs’ entire sample line. She mostly used the Pre-Cleanse around her edges, which she says she typically likes to lay down and the area she finds has the most buildup for her. She didn't notice the ACV smell, but noted the ACV on the ingredients list, and enjoyed the tingling sensation on her scalp. 

Reviewer #5

And lastly, we found Kaya Journey’s who makes loc videos based on her loc experience. She started with the sample line to try out the line to see how it worked for her. She first thought the pre-cleanse smelled like ACV, which she already knew is great for pulling up dirt and debris from the locs - which was a big plus for her.

She massaged the Pre-Cleanse into her scalp and said “it felt really good” and felt like her scalp was really clean after massaging it in - so much so she felt like she didn’t need to shampoo, making it a great solution for in-between washes and certainly for before your shampoo routine.   

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