Benefits of the Dr Locs Yasin Shampoo

Benefits of the Dr Locs Yasin Shampoo

If you’re already using our build-up free Yasin shampoo then we know you’re already in the know!

When it’s time to choose the perfect shampoo for your locs, you want to find a shampoo that is both safe and nourishing for your locs. Most creamy shampoos, especially ones that weren't designed with locs in mind, can cause buildup in locs, creating a plethora of problems for your locs. When choosing a shampoo for your locs it’s really important to choose the right shampoo. In this article we’ll discuss the benefits of Dr Locs Yasin Shampoo and the careful consideration that went into this nourishing formula especially designed for locs. 

Benefits of Dr Locs Yasin Shampoo

Dr Locs Yasin Shampoo has stood the test of time. It was created because there weren’t enough, or really any, reliable all natural shampoos on the market that wouldn't leave behind buildup and wouldn’t dry out locs during the cleaning process. 

Here are our top benefits of the Dr Locs Shampoo:

A Little Goes a Long Way!

Our promise to the Dr Locs community is, yup, you guessed it: a little goes a long way! 

This means you won't run through a whole bottle with just one wash. When washing locs, it’s recommended to shampoo around 3 times, to really get a tingly-fresh clean. But, this doesn’t always have to mean using your entire bottle to get great results. With our shampoo, you won’t need to pour out its entire contents to get that clean feeling you love. Because it’s real, a little really does go a long way with our Yasin Shampoo. 

Restores your scalp and hair to a balanced pH- all the ingredients in this shampoo were carefully selected by Dr Locs. Ingredients like Aloe Vera have an abundance of benefits when it comes to your hair and scalp because it has vitamins A, C, B12, and E, and folic acid which strengthen and repair hair. These vitamins and minerals restore the hair and scalp during the cleansing process. Aloe Vera has a similar pH level to your hair and scalp which is a part of how it balances out the pH of the scalp, as it removes excess sebum oil from the scalp and roots. 

Promises a Build-up Free Experience- All the ingredients in our shampoo were carefully selected to ensure your shampoo does what it’s supposed to do without leaving your hair feeling dry, and without adding any residue or buildup to your locs. There are too many products out there that cause buildup, that you may not see right away, but will weaken and damage your locs overtime. One of the most important features to look out for when selecting products for your locs, is ensuring the ingredients will not cause any buildup whatsoever. 

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