Aloe Vera is one of nature’s best ingredients to cure dry skin, scalp and hair. Ideally, you want to use a product that has 100% aloe vera, or as close to complete as possible, otherwise they throw in other unnatural ingredients to preserve the Aloe Vera and they often add alcohol, which may lead to dryer hair and scalp conditions.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

Aloe Vera benefits include:

Scalp Conditioning-Aloe Vera will work at adding moisture to your hair and scalp, but the best part is, the moisture doesn’t linger, or add heavy oils to your roots. This natural ingredient works as a sealant aiding in healthy growing locs. So, in case you are losing hair due to dryness, aloe vera combined with other natural oils may be a positive step forward.

Scalp Cleanser- The nutrients in Aloe Vera will actually work at cleaning your scalp while rejuvenating your roots and locs. This ingredient is great for preventing build up and dandruff flaking all over your scalp and locs.  

Prevents Frizz- Because Aloe Vera cleanse and nourishes your scalp, it will also prevent breakage and frizz. When your locs are extra dry they are traditionally prone to more breakage and frizz. The first step in preventing excess frizz is by adding a natural and light moisturizer to your scalp and roots in order to sustain nourished and healthy locs!

Aids in Thickness-When the new growth is able to grow in with a healthy scalp the hair will grow in much healthier and thicker. The healthier the scalp, the faster and thicker the hairs will grow. Now, of course, if you have thin hair, aloe vera wont make it grow in supernaturally thicker, but it will aid in healthy and nutritious growth throughout your locs keeping them strong and resilient.

How to Use it?

You can either buy a natural shampoo that already has aloe vera listed as a trusted ingredient (we happen to know an awesome natural shampoo made for locs that’s on sale this month!!) or you can grow the plant in your warm climate backyard. If you’ve managed to find a 99.9% natural aloe vera product, you can add a fair amount to your scalp and roots before a deep cleansing natural wash.

Some are willing to go all the way and sleep with aloe vera overnight to get that extreme treatment. If you apply the aloe vera leaf juice to your roots and scalp try to do it an hour before bed, a lot of the moisture will evaporate, reducing the potential pillow mess.

If you are treating a difficult case of dandruff, just know this nourishing plant won't work it’s magic within days. Like most natural ingredients, besides for the really strong ones like tea tree oil, you need to practice patients and trust. Try it out for a month and then you’re allowed to come to grand conclusions whether this treatment works for you, or not, but have some faith in nature!