Are all Dr Locs Products Organic?

Are all Dr Locs Products Organic?

We have a mixture of ingredients that are organic and which are natural. We can’t officially say all Dr Locs products are all organic. What we can say is that all Dr Locs ingredients are safe and amazing for your hair. 

Is Dr Locs New Color Line Organic?

So, even when it comes to the color line, everything is considered plant derived, but wouldn’t specifically be called organic, because if it were all organic, it wouldn’t really be all that affordable for us, or for you. Our main goal is to find ingredients that your hair will absolutely benefit from and balancing that with ingredients that won't be harmful. 

We worked closely with chemists and learned what ingredients work and exactly how they work. So for instance, we love essential oils, but they aren't always going to make your hair smell awesome for as long as you might like; it’s hard to find an essential oil with a scent that will last. And we know a part of feeling clean is smelling awesome, so we found a combination of ingredients that work. 

We found that fragrances were less of an irritant than essential oils for many people, which was a big surprise for us. With that in mind, we tried to work with the best ingredients available to us, to get the best product over to you. 

What is the deal with Organic vs Non-Organic Ingredients?

We use organic ingredients where we can, but things can be safe for your hair even if it's not organic. Blending two ingredients can create a chemical process and a reaction, but it doesn't mean that all ingredients are harmful and dangerous just because it’s chemical. 

Our promise to you is that we do the careful and meticulous research to make sure our products are safe for us and for you. These ingredients are the best ingredients for your hair and that’s our main goal. On our color line, we use ingredients that you can't even order without a facility, so we're using prime ingredients, the best of the best, without trying to cut corners. 

Why We Choose the Ingredients We Choose

We love organic, we’re all for it, but we also love safe and effective ingredients that might not be labeled as organic but are good for your hair and safe for your health. If you’re someone who only wants to put organic ingredients in your hair, then follow what you feel is best for you. We only want you to go with what you’re comfortable with. But, if you’re on the fence about natural cosmetics and trying to figure out what is safe without having to make the products yourself or keeping your hair care products in the refrigerator, preventing them from going rancid - then we just want to offer you the security that our products are carefully curated to offer an effective and trustworthy hair care product for your locs.  

Dr Locs’ Ethics

We only use ingredients that are top quality, but might not be organic because we want to give you affordable ingredients. We’re a small family run business, doing our best to give you the best possible product out there, without marking it up, while paying our employees generous wages - what we're trying to say is: there’s a lot that goes into running a business ethically. We strive for ethical ingredients, at ethical prices, while respecting our employees needs and comforts. Our goal isn’t to make the entire world happy, but what we do try is to get you the best ingredients that are safe and will give you real results. 

Need we say more?

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