5 Tips from a Professional on How to Keep Your Locs Healthy 

5 Tips from a Professional on How to Keep Your Locs Healthy 

Maintaining healthy locs is work. Work that some of us love, while others struggle to find the right balance between doing too much or not doing enough. 

In this article we’ll have a look at 5 simple tips for keeping your locs healthy and looking their very best. Here’s our list of do’s and don’ts for maintaining healthy locs. 

  • No Pulling When Styling 
  • It’s fine to style, it’s actually great to style your locs. But when you pull your locs and strain your scalp and hair, that’s where the problems arise. 

    A lot of times we’ve had clients come in who had pulling by the end of their locs, who had ends fall off or, their ends were extra stringy because they did a lot of styling during the early stages of their journey. Styling isn't bad, but you should be aware of a lot of pulling, little strands will eventually pop off. 

    If you have breakage in your locs, it will show. We all have breakage, but with locs it will really show. Be aware of tension when styling. Make sure not to have a lot of tension all the time on your hair. 

  • Water and Food Intake
  • Many people are not aware of their nutrient in-take and how that affects their hair. Not eating a healthy diet and drinking enough water for your body will affect your hair. Some people go vegan, or follow special diets, and then experience hair loss. Maybe your body needs meat, or maybe you need to meet with a nutritionist to see what's going on, and what nutrients you might be deficient in. 

  • Stress Levels
  • Stress causes unhealthy hair - just about every time. So just be mindful of your mental health. Stress always affects your hair. Because healthy hair is promoted via the insides. Even when we do all the great things for our hair, but we are feeling stressed all the time, the hair can fall out, or the hair won’t look healthy. Stress and breakage will show up in locs. 

  • Let Your Hair Grow
  • Just let it go. We often find in the female community that we stress so much about our hair. Our hair runs our lives, but we need to learn to be more chill about our hair growth. 

    We see women who come in who look really chill and carefree and their hair grows so fast and healthy. And then we see, on the other end of the spectrum, women who actually bring in rulers to actually measure their hair. Their hair doesn't grow, because they are stressed and always manipulating their hair. 

    The cool thing about locs is we've seen hair grow much faster because some people just let their hair grow and people learn to let the journey be a journey and don’t manipulate their hair as much. They give into the journey. But others have a harder time letting go. So our tip to you is to try and relax and let your hair grow at its own pace. 

  • Feeding Your Hair 
  • The Jinan Leave-In Conditioner, we've seen work its magic and bring in all that missing moisture into people’s locs. It does work. It will moisturize your locs, keeping your lcos healthy and strong. Our products are designed to be light but effective on the hair. Effective as in providing the moisture your hair needs daily. It is very important for people to do the inside work while we provide amazing products for your locs. Your Jinan leave-in conditioner works hand in hand with your inside work. It’s all you!

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