5 Benefits of Wearing a Bonnet at Night for Your Locs

5 Benefits of Wearing a Bonnet at Night for Your Locs

If you’re not already taking that bonnet to bed with you, it’s about time you start partnering up and getting all nice and cozy.

Your bonnet is about to become your new bedtime partner, and your locs will adore you for it. Sleeping with a bonnet over your locs at night contains heaps of benefits, and is one of the secret formulas for beautiful locs throughout the day. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of covering up those locs while you sleep, and then you can tell us if we’ve convinced you to partner up or not!

A secure protection for your locs at night

There’s loads of things floating around in the air at night, and we’re not even talking about superstitious things, but actual particles. Particles which are looking for a home. Particles which are attracted to your locs. By covering up your locs at night you are not only protecting your locs from unraveling, but you’re also protecting your locs from those, well how do we put it… floaters. 

Reduces lint

Speaking of floaters, lint is let’s just say, not a friend to locs. Well, the lint may love the loc, but the loc sure don’t love that lint! Lint can make its way into your locs through a number of agents, but it certainly can make its way into your locs from your bedsheets, pillows and pjs. Wearing a bonnet at night is one of THE best ways to protect your locs from lint. And as you may already be aware of, lint is no fun to find in your locs the morning after. 

Reduces dryness

Dry hair and dry locs are one of the main issues in the natural hair community. It’s not always easy to keep those strands or locs moisturized all week long, but there are methods for keeping that moisture in. And one of the key methods for retaining that moisture is by wearing that bonnet at night. Not only will the bonnet help you retain that moisture, but it prevents contact with those cotton sheets. Cotton sheets unfortunately, dry out our skin and hair. So if dry locs is something you want to prevent, or are a recurring issue for you, cover up them locs, please! 

Reduces frizz and breakage 

The number one cause for frizz and breakage are dry locs. When the new growth does not have enough moisture, it tends to feel brittle and breaks. It’s especially prone to breakage when the locs are longer and therefore weigh more. When we cover up our locs at night with a bonnet, we not only keep in that moisture, but prevent excess breakage from any pressure we put on our roots while sleeping (and potentially tossing and turning!) Though we do hope you’re sleeping patterns are long and healthy, keeping you on the game all day long.

Keeps your locs out of your face while sleep

Seriously, can we not underestimate this factor? There’s nothing like turning over from one side to the next, only to wake up because your locs are rubbing against your cheeks or forehead. If you have long locs and don’t wear a bonnet at night, you know exactly what we’re talking about! Which by the way, the bonnet will also protect your skin from breaking out from that excess contact with your locs.

Retwists will last longer when you sleep with a bonnet 

And last, but most definitely not least, wearing a bonnet at night will ensure your retwists last longer. When your locs are covered and protected in the evening and at night with a bonnet, your retwists will remain freshly in place without interruption. Sounds just about worth it, right?


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