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My package was damaged when received. What should I do?

What types of payments does your company accept?

Returns and Refunds

My order was sent back to the Dr Locs office.

International Shipping

How fast is your shipping?

Do you offer expedited shipping?

I just placed an order. What's next? Where's my order?

Hair Questions

What will help with a flaky scalp?

Do you offer samples?

The Products

What can I use for buildup?

What can I use for flaky scalp?

What is the shelf life of the Dr Locs products?

Germaben II sounds like a harsh chemical, why is it in your product?

Brand Ambassadors

What do I do once my application is accepted?

How do I get paid for my sales?

What are the specific benefits for Brand Ambassadors?

How do I use my shareable discount code?