I. Am. In. Love! Chimere took care of me about a week ago. I’ve always had a lot of build up, made worse with my current pregnancy. She used her whole product line, but that pre cleanse is amazing! It was like magic. And don’t get me started on the yaya oil.. smells amazing and provides just the right about of moisture. Unlike before, a week after a wash, I am not itching and there is NO build up. I’m no longer a ‘product junkie’.. Dr. Locs is all I need!



Brand Story

I’m Chimere Faulk, the creator of Dr Locs, the first premium product line dedicated to people with locs. I’m an African American woman, mom and loctician (someone who styles and curates locs) of 15 years born in Massachusetts, raised in Virginia now based out of Atlanta GA.

 I was inspired to create this brand for 3 reasons. I wanted to solve the problems my clients were having with their locs. Before starting the company, I would recommend products to use, but then clients would notice product buildup stuck in their locs. In turn, this would bring professional problems within their work life, personal hygiene issues, and contribute to a historic stigma.

Second, I personally went thru the same experience when I had locs for 10 years. The problem stemmed from the lack of product lines focusing on this demographic. So I figured, why not be the person to solve this problem since I’m a professional in the industry.

And third, again there’s a stigma in our culture about people with locs. That they don’t wash their hair, that you aren’t able emersed with society and sustain employment with this style of hair. As a hair stylist, I’ve had countless conversations between young adults and their parents as they prepare for college------with locs. Dr Locs will continuously encourage our evolution as a society by displaying positive imagery of people with locs nudging for space to be created in the hair industry.








Company Description: 

From a loctician who creates and tests each formula, to using lightweight natural ingredients that never create buildup -----Dr Locs prioritizes the needs of the loc’d community. We strive to continuously create solutions and education to help you achieve your happiest loc’d journey.


dr locs products




During the developmental stages, Chimere gathered up a few ingredients from a local natural market and went to work in her kitchen. Her goal was to create a product to fix one of the most common problems with natural hair -- a product that doesn't create build-up in locs. Her first creation as she often refers to as her "baby," was the Jinan Leave-In Conditioner

Chimere came up with the perfect combination of nature’s oils and water, and tested them on clients. It was eventually requested by clients to offer bottles for sale. She didn't expect to sell but per her clients requests, she followed suit. Her clients were thrilled with the results and immediately began begging for more to share with friends and family. Thus, Dr. Locs was born. 


To support and encourage the loc'd community through loc education and high-quality beauty products. 



It's the mission of Dr Locs to provide plant based beauty products, science backed education, remarkable customer service, all while creating an empowering supportive online community. Our goal is to be first product a potential customer thinks of when deciding to loc their hair.

By 2024, our objective is to reach the hands of 1 million customers.




We earn our customers' trust by creating products that are relevant to their loc journey. 

We value each customer problem as an opportunity to make things right. We listen to feedback and take initiative to make it right. 

We speak favorably and embrace our co-workers, our Retailers, and other companies who offer similar products. 

We build community through programs built for all customers---through philanthropy, special events, and informative panel discussions.  

We encourage open dialogue with our staff and customers to share ideas about improving our products, processes, and performance. 

We remain a self manufacturing business so that we may remain in full control over quality of ingredients. 

We maintain high standards of quality over our package, bottles, and actual products. Quality check and assurance with each product with every shipment s our standard. 

We engage with our customers to keep an open ear towards the needs of the loc'd community. Products are always tested by locticians before sold online.