Can Dr Locs be used on starter locs?

Absolutely! The entire line was designed for all stages of the locking process and continuous throughout the mature/adult loc phase. If it's hold that's your concern, the Imani Locking Spray will do the trick----giving you a light hold enough to keep each loc in place. The Pre-Cleanse will keep your scalp free of flakage potentially building up in your locs. The medicinal scent of tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils are contagious! 

I have eczema. Everything I've tried creates flakes on my scalp. What can I use in the Dr Locs line that can help with this problem?

This is a common question. We always underline to customers that Dr Locs should not be used as a prescription. It's used to pull up flakes, to moisturize, and clean locs, loose hair, and the scalp.  When helping clients with eczema like symptoms such as flakage, the Pre-Cleanse is highly recommended. It's also very complex to solve these cases because at times this may be an allergy. 

Is the Dr Locs line vegan?

Absolutely. None of our ingredients are derived from animals.

Is there a particular product than can solve my flaky scalp problem?

We've gotten tons of positive feedback from customers stating that our Pre-Cleanse works wonders for this common problem. The perfected combinations of apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil, witch hazel and other included yummy ingredients creates a medicinal cleansing of the locs and scalp.

As a loctician, I always advice investigating internal causes as well ( i.e. stress levels, side effects to medications, water in-take, food allergies etc) The Pre-Cleanse is a topical natural solution to common hair and scalp issues. Dr Locs will never proclaim to serve as a substitute for medication. 

Where can I find Dr Locs at a store near me?

We are currently carefully selecting Retail stores in the US to make your Dr Locs shopping experience a more convenient one.

If you have a suggestion for a Retail store or would like to see our products in your store, we'd love to hear about it! Let us know what city/state would be closest to you below.

I don't see a twisting gel. Which product is used for grooming/twisting?

I'm glad you asked! The Dr Locs Imani Locking Spray was carefully designed by The Natural Hair Lady after countless efforts of using other lines that were marketed for locs. She discovered that anything that has a natural form of a solid has the potential to create a string of old product (build-up) beneath (her client's) locs.

The Imani Locking Spray was created to give her client's locs a light hold without the build-up, the moisture without the stickiness, and a polished look without stiffness. 

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