Interlocking your locs is one method for starting your locs. Another method is palm rolling, which you may have already read through and bypassed. Many prefer interlocking, because palm rolling, when not done incorrectly, can stress the scalp and cause excess breakage, which leads to thinning locs.  Again, thinning only...

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Retwisting locs is one of the most important and sensitive maintenance methods when it comes to our locs.  One of the many lessons we learn with locs is the beauty of balance. Too much of anything (even the great stuff) can be harmful and damaging. We love the ‘middle way,’...

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Frizz and hair is always a topic, no matter the style, no matter the texture. Our hair certainly has a personality of his or her own. As much as we try to constantly control the shape and outcome of our hair, as soon as we step outside it does it’s...

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