1. Dr Locs' Pre-Cleanse is used to pull up heavy flakage on the scalp.

It should be used before shampooing. The Pre-Cleanse also should be used during times that the locking process doesn't permit washing. This solution will pull up dirt, leaving the scalp feeling clean. 

2. Wash locs with Dr Locs'  Yasin Shampoo.

Locs should be soaked very well before applying any shampoo. It is highly recommended to wash locs at least 3 times to assure everything is clean (scalp, actual locs, and new growth). Towel dry.

3. Spray locs, roots, and scalp with Dr Locs' Jinan Leave-In Conditioner.

The Jinan Leave-In works great if sprayed during the grooming experience. After spraying, massage the Conditioner into the scalp and new growth. 

Also use our Jinan Leave-In Conditioner as a daily moisturizer for both your locs and scalp. (This solution may cause your loc grooming to dampen, so you may want to spray on locs instead of roots if your hair isn't interlocked.) 


4. As you groom (a term used to describe tightening up the new growth which typically is twisting or interlocking) your locs, spray Dr Locs' Imani Locking Spray on the new growth area.

The Locking Spray works great with the Jinan Leave-In Conditioner. After each twist, a medal clip should be used to hold the loc in place. After grooming is complete, sit under a hood dryer to set the grooming. After roughly 40 minutes to an hour, the new growth should be dry. Make sure not to leave your actual locs wet.

After the new growth is dry, take the clips down and place your locs under the dryer as well for a few minutes. Damp locs can create a mildew smell if not dried properly.

5. After hair is dry, pour Dr Locs' Yaya Oil in the palm of your hand and smooth on fingertips.

Massage the Yaya Oil on the scalp. Keep applying until the scalp is replenished---but not overly saturated. Take the remaining oil, on your hands and smooth it up and down the locs to give a finished look.