Are you having trouble maintaining a solid regimen for your dreadlocks? Do your current products cause buildup and damage to your hair? Finding hair care products that will not just further damage your dreadlocks and actually help maintain its health is pretty hard.

After all, the world seems to cater to the natural, straight or wavy hair that regular people rock. And sometimes, when you do find hair care products for your locs, they even cause buildup and make your hair sticky, difficult to manage, and feeling greasy.

Maybe you should turn to simple vegan products made with pure, natural ingredients like I did.

Dr. Locs offers just that--hair products using the perfect combination of different oils and rose water, and never creates buildup in your locs.

Founded by Chimere Faulk, a renowned hair stylist and loctician in Atlanta, Dr. Locs products are made with the locs- and natural hair-loving women and men in mind. Faulk taught her clients to love their hair, no matter their state, and instructed them to use only the best hair care products made of natural ingredients. When her clients could not find products that would leave their hair beautiful and without the buildup, she decided to do something.

Using ingredients available in her local market and her kitchen, she put her knowledge to work and created Dr. Locs, to help people achieve the beautiful dreadlocks they have always wanted, of course, without the products sticking to their hair.

Right below is a guide to my daily routine for beautiful, luscious locs free of buildup.

1. Product Build Up

If your locs are suffering from product buildup from hair products you thought were going to help you, use the Dr. Locs Pre-Cleanser, a tea tree anti-buildup solution to deep cleanse before you shampoo. It will remove trapped oil and dirt, most especially the buildup left behind by your previous products in no time.

2. Washing your Locs

Wash your locs as often as you think necessary with Dr. Locs Yasin Shampoo. This will gently clean your hair and even restore your scalp’s pH balance. It also has a fresh mint and lavender scent that you will love.

3. Conditioning your Locs

Dr. Locs Jinan Leave-In Conditioner will leave your locs and scalp rejuvenated and moisturized without feeling greasy. Formulated with rosewater and coconut oil--both known for superior moisturizing and strengthening properties--it will help soothe your scalp and locs after all that much needed deep cleansing.

4. Setting your Locs

After washing your hair, spray some Dr. Locs Imani Locking Spray on it before drying. Bathe your new hair growth and your dreads with it, and let it all dry under an overhead dryer for excellent hold without worrying about product buildup.

5. Hot Oil Treatments

Who says you can’t have hot oil treatments if you have dreadlocks? I do it all the time! Use Dr. Locs Yaya Oil, with avocado oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and the powerful argan oil to moisturize and restore shine on your beautiful, buildup-free locs. You can use it on a daily basis minus the oily feel.

Enjoy your newly moisturized and re-energized locs!