There is this common misconception that having dreadlocks is equivalent to never bothering with it, and never doing anything to it after you have achieved those tightly coiled locs. However, the truth is it’s more important than ever to take care of your hair in dreads. You should wash it more carefully, be more gentle with it, and apply extra moisture . All these are essential to healthy and good-looking dreadlocks, and they should be healthy as long as they are cared for properly.

Keeping Your Locs Clean

Aside from deep cleansing your hair and making sure that there are no soap residue left in your locs, the next step is leaving on the right products so your hair stays in tip-top shape. A good moisturizer for your dreadlocks should be incorporated into your hair care routine. This is important as dry locs can become brittle and a lot more prone to breakage.

The hair will not hold dreads well, and after all that effort to get dreadlocks, you wouldn’t want them to be gone in a flash because you refused to take care of them. Maintenance is just as important in dreadlocks as it is in regular hair.

Conditioning your Locs

This does not mean that you could just double up on the hair conditioners that you used when you had regular hair though. Commercial hair conditioners are loaded with several types of silicones, along with other preservatives and ingredients, that have the tendency to get stuck in your locs and that is never a good thing.

Natural plant oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, safflower oil, and sunflower oil to name a few, are recommended because they rehydrate your hair without leaving any residue. They are absorbed completely and they penetrate the hair to moisturize it from the inside.

A good product for moisturizing dreadlocks, whether it’s new or mature, is Dr. Locs’ Jinan Leave-In Conditioner. You can use it everyday on your hair and scalp and it won’t leave a residue or oily, greasy feel since it’s formulated to prevent that. It’s made with rosewater, coconut oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, all natural and free of artificial preservatives.

Rosewater refreshes the scalp and adds extra hydration to the hair. Coconut oil is known for its many benefits to both the skin and the hair. Argan oil is dubbed as the Miracle Oil for a reason - it moisturizes the hair and strengthens it from the inside, preventing your hair from becoming brittle. Avocado oil is known for its hair-growth properties, and jojoba oil is closest to human’s scalp’s natural sebum. All of them combined can only transform your hair to its best condition.

Jinan Leave-In Conditioner is highly recommended for daily use. Just spray it all over your scalp, roots, and locs after every wash with Dr. Locs’ other dreadlock caring products. Everything is made with natural vegan ingredients and natural preservatives, so you don’t have to worry about dry locs and breakage if used properly.