As you search the word “interlocking” you may notice a variation of opinions. As with any review, there will be differences in opinions based on the experience. As a loctician and previous natural hair salon manager, I’ve came across different interlocking techniques. It was my responsibility to assure clients were receiving a positive experience. With that being said, I can say yes, there is an absolute bad version of interlocking. And there is a good way.

The bad:

The loc is pulled through the same hole the entire time. Or the loc is pulled through a hole too many times. Both can create a hole in the root of the loc.

The good:

The loc is pulled through different areas of the new growth. Some have came up with a system that’s considered a “north east south west” pattern to assure the loc is balanced at the root.

So when you search around the internet about the interlocking technique, you must understand that some may have bad experiences because a particular loctician or beautician. When searching for a loctician, you should ask them more in-depth questions about creating holes at the root. The holes in the root will create loc breakage and loss. This is why people have mentioned online that “interlocking causes breakage.” Not actually true. It depends on the loctician’s awareness.

Interlocking keeps the loc groomed for longer as a pose to twisting.