Contrary to what you may have expected, slippage and unraveling are pretty common in the loc community. Also, what you may have not known, are the two different types of loosened locs. Unraveling is actually the term used for locs unraveling on the end or tip of the loc. Slippage, on the other hand (or end) is a sisterloc slipping at her root, affecting the look of the entire loc.

So, what causes Slippage is the obvious question, right?

3X Moisture Overload

1.Slippage is often a result of an over moisturized scalp. This can happen from sweating a lot while you are working out regularly. We’re not giving you an excuse to cut back on your exercise routine, because we are all for living up that healthy lifestyle, but we do recommend you be mindful of the sweaty moisture that’s held in your locs during workouts before it may potentially ruin your locs. Just like your body loves an exercise routine, your locs will love a post-exercise drying routine.

2.Swimming is another destination for moisture. Who would’ve guessed right? But, all jokes aside, it’s just as important to dry your locs the right way after an ocean splash as it is after a weekly, or bi-weekly wash and rinse. Swimming and not drying your locs well can cause slippage by the root.

3. And, as you may have guessed by now, washing your locs is another risky way to encounter slippage. No one is saying that everytime you wash your locs you will bring on the slippage, but what we are saying is, if you don’t accurately dry your locs, you may encounter more damage than just slippage.

And, what about unraveling tips?

Hands On Loc Maintenance

  1. While getting to know your locs it’s vital in having a healthy relationship with your hair, overdoing it has never done any relationship any good. Just like your boyfriend, girlfriend, or child may get irritated from too much pinching and squeezing, so will your locs. Twisting and touching your locs mindlessly while you watch a movie, use your computer, or while reading a book may actually have the opposite effects of what you were going for, if you were even aware that you were going for something at all!

  2. Overstyling is another antagonist to healthy twisted sisterlocs. We are all for new styles and looks (especially when you share them with us) but over-doing it can stress the locs too much and cause them to unravel. If you don’t want to give up your up-do, just try to make sure you carefully style and pin your locs with ease and kindness. You and your locs will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

  3. Too much moisture is another cause for unraveling locs. If you are conditioning or treating your locs too often with hot oil treatments too often, this may cause the locs too much relaxation, AKA an unraveling loc. Give your locs a vacation, but keep an eye out for loose ends and potentially yawning sleepy locs.

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